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Halloween Erotica Ball- 20th Annual Groove Cruise at the Halloween Erotica Ball

Aug 8, 2023 5:31 PM (9+ Months)

We are happy to announce that Groove Cruise will be joining us again for another epic event. Both of us are celebrating our 20th annuals which represents GC's new logo on the flier. Groove Cruise will be bringing out special limited swag, their cool vibrant backdrop air blowups for great pics and we are finalizing two more dj additions to the lineup as well and hope to have those announced this week.
This year we are also amping up the 20th annual Halloween Erotica Ball. There will be two nightly themes, 1 daytime stage on both days (damn virgins), and 3 nighttime stages (damn virgins, Dirty Vibes and Halloween Grand Ballroom) on both nights of the 20th annual. The night time stages will cover all the music genres with each changing DJ set time. So roam around to mix mingle and experience the energy of one of the Lifestyle's largest Halloween parties.

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