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Aug 28, 2022 10:38 PM (1+ Years)

The cruise line has updated their covid vaccine requirements for GC Miami, Covid vaccines are not required and if you do not have a covid vaccine then you will simply have to do a negative covid test prior to boarding. We would suggest to stay up to date with the latest requirements as it seems to be changing monthly. But this change opens up the opportunity for many people to now be able to cruise. We will also be posting any updates as the cruise lines update their policies. 

May 14, 2022 6:00 PM (1+ Years)

DesirousParty®  has been invited to join the best of the best world's largest floating dance music cruise to bring our best of the best lifestyle sexy party vibe to become one on Groove Cruise 2023.  Dirty Vibes®  Captains, join us at the Desirous Party Stage on GC Miami 2023  ......... and become part of the energy.   If you have enjoyed the vibe curated by DesirousParty over the last 18 years and love the experience of such events as Purgatory, THRIVE and the Halloween Erotica Ball then please use promo code, "DesirousParty", when booking to ensure we can bring all that to you. As the vibes are identical and the more party crew we get on board using our promo code means so much in going towards stage location on GC Miami 2023 and the time/day of the cruise. 

So log onto GrooveCruise.com and enter promo code, DesirousParty (lower case and all one word) and let the fun begin. 

Sailing from January 19th – 23th 2023,Groove Cruise Miami launches from Port of Miami in Florida, and offers a once in a lifetime opportunity of escapist heaven featuring high seas luxury, around the clock entertainment, and world-class dining on board the Celebrity Summit  with its extensive modernization effort, with more than $500-million in upgrades across the fleet. Dropping anchor in Labadee's Private Island paradise experience will be brand new and completely exclusive to the #GCFAM.  The world's largest floating dance music cruise will see performances from over 60 of the dance music industry’s leading names. 

In Labadee, Captains will gravitate towards awe-inspiring activities like: 

 Dragon’s Breath Flight Line: the world’s longest zip line over water at 500 feet up

• The Dragon’s Tail Roller Coaster: coast down Labadee’s mountainside at 30 mph 

• The Dragon’s Splash Water Slide: Cool off on this exciting saltwater slide that’s almost 300 feet long into an 18-foot splash zone

• The Dragon’s Cafe: a local eatery featuring Labadee’s signature drink, the Labodoozie

• Private Cabanas: unwind on one of the Caribbean’s sparkling beaches

• Boat and Island Tours

• Jet skis and Kayaks

• Parasailing

Labadee Info:  

  • Groove Cruise Orlando 2023 will be dropping anchor in Labadee, the private paradise Royal Caribbean has owned for over 20 years.
  • Rated the #3 Private Destination in the world by Cruise Line Community, Labadee SEAS nearly 1 million cruise passengers visit safely each year.
  • ‍For the very first time in GC's 18 year history, Captains will explore this beautiful peninsula while enjoying the all inclusive drink package (if purchased onboard) and a complimentary BBQ lunch on the sand. All food and drink will be brought off the ship and served by the ship staff for a controlled and safe culinary experience.
  • • All inclusive drink packages from the ship are included on Labadee (if purchased)
    • Food and drink are brought off the ship and served by ship staff for a controlled and safe culinary experience
    • Complimentary BBQ lunch is included
    • Fully surrounded and secluded with beautiful natural mountains and gated from the rest of the island
    • Captains are not now allowed to leave the private area except on approved excursions
    • No transportation from Labadee to the closest town
    • All vendors and workers are Royal Caribbean staff and have been security screened
    • Security and First Aid Officers on site
    • Royal Caribbean provides a free trolly for guests if they prefer not to walk around the peninsula

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