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Purgatory Heaven & Hell® 2024 General Updates

Apr 13, 2024 8:07 AM (1+ Months)

With the stages and themes announced. Time to tease out our first nighttime headliner.

Wednesday- Bryan Lubliner- Purgatory Grand Ballroom- Heavenly White (glow)-

The day starts with an afternoon Welcome pool party with the theme- Red, White, Blue, and You.

For those who want to mix, mingle, and get the lay of the land before the big crowds arrive on the following days. Wednesdays have grown to where we have approximately 400 people in attendance. The host hotel is sold out on Thursday to Saturday nights. However, we do have rooms still available on Wednesday night. So if you have an existing reservation you can add Wednesday. DesirousParty.com for full Purgatory information as well as all other events.

Apr 13, 2024 8:07 AM (1+ Months)

Update....Reserved tables and sofa sections bottle service forms will be available on May 10th. This will be for sofa lounge sections at the daytime pool parties as well as table/sofa sections in the Purgatory Grand Ballroom.

With the new location of the Disavowed Pool Stage. We are moving the sofa lounge sections all around the perimeter of the pool party with great views of the stage. We have mapped out the stage to be 24ft wide this year and closer to the center area of the pool.

We are also designing a brand new light show for the Purgatory Grand Ballroom. We continue to add to our immersion effect on the dance floor. If you attended the Halloween Erotica Ball last year. Then you have an idea of what is in store with this light show. Just going bigger.

That's it for now. Have a great weekend. DesirousParty.com for hotel links as well as limited Tier 2 Pre-Sale tickets. Ticket prices will increase soon so grab your tickets now at the discounted rate.

Apr 13, 2024 8:06 AM (1+ Months)

Themes are in day order.....

Daytime Themes

  • Wednesday Daytime- Red, White, Blue and You.. hats, shirts, swimsuits

  • Thursday Daytime- Represent the state you are from, your favorite team, or whatever you wish to represent, i.e... hats, shirts, bikinis, etc...get creative

  • Friday Daytime- Lei - Hawaiian theme with bright floral prints. Bring extra lei and pass them out to other individuals you wish to mix and mingle with. Great ice breaker.

  • Saturday Daytime- Space.....Nasa......Astro Kitties......Space Goddesses.......Space Cowboys.......get creative

Night Time Themes

  • Wednesday Night- Heavenly White (glow)- an all-white affair or if you wish...a Glow Party- just glow and pick all neon fashions and accessories.

  • Thursday Night- Eden - Where it all begins......Eden is a pristine paradise filled not only with beautiful creatures and people but also with that luscious, forbidden apple. Yet there is a dark, sultry, sinful side of Eden tempting us to take just...one...bite. So, which side of the apple tree do you swing on? Bring those innocent nymph hearts or naughty desires to Purgatory's paradise of Eden. Those juicy apples are waiting to be bitten. Get creative with the exploration of Eden with provocative costumes

  • Friday Night- Electric Inferno- a Netherworld of Self Expression- electric steampunk meets desert glow, a night of uniquely different attire, sultry and scant, think Mad Max Thunderdome and let your imagination run with it......

  • Saturday Night- Purgatory Heaven or Hell- a night of angels, devils, fairies, nymphs, goddesses, butterflies, and anything else you would find in Purgatory. Let your imagination go wild with creativity. Who or what will you be in Purgatory? Purgatory is the middle ground where everything exists. Angels, fairies, nymphs, butterflies, demons, space cowboys, sexy rocker chicks, etc., Purgatory is your vision..................

Apr 13, 2024 8:02 AM (1+ Months)

Hello all. Lots of new faces joining the site and also attending Purgatory2024. The official website for Purgatory Heaven & Hell® is DesirousParty.com. On the site, you can find a full-party forum full of topics leading up to the event. If you are new this year. I highly recommend you read the Q n A in the Purgatory forum topic. Lots of questions are answered. As the event nears we will post the DJ lineup and a full itinerary for each day and night.

Tier 2 pre-sale tickets are becoming limited in quantity. So I would suggest purchasing before prices increase to Tier 3. If you have not booked a hotel yet. We are now booking out the secondary host hotel. We will have a huge party block of floors. Plus shuttle service between the two hotels 24/7. You can also get on the stand-by waiting list for the host hotel. That information can also be found on the host website.

Again welcome to all our Purgatory party veterans and also all the new Purgatory guests as well. Last year over 1400 attended and we anticipate an equally large crowd this year.

So help spread the word to those you feel would like the vibe of Purgatory 2024.

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