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Aug 20, 2009 11:49 AM (14+ Years)
Ouch, that is expensive if they are charging by the minute.
Aug 20, 2009 11:26 AM (14+ Years)
Ok, we had a chance to try out the FyreTV service and I have to say the quality was not bad, obvious scene breaks lasting a few seconds were a little annoying, but overall the image quality was good. I was not planning on buying a new WiFi router but the old one just couldnt keep up, so a hundred bucks later, a new Wireless N+ router was installed. We liked the ease of installation, a single HDMI cord and power cord were all that was needed. A few simple setup instructions and we were connected to the home network. We enjoyed the three day trial period with unlimited viewing. The Ms. and I genrally prefer to watch full length films with a pluasable plot line and bonus if it includes good comedy with great sex. We started with SpaceNuts and then ScrubsXXX on day two. Both were god movies but I was dissapointed to find out the actuall cost of service, the FyreTV website touts a $9.95 service plan with 100 credits each month. They fail to tell you what you get for the 100 credits and I failed to ask, Turns out that premium movies are 1 credit a minute and additional credits are available for 1 dollar each! Since neither of us tend to watch porn alone and we are not looking for a pay by the minute service we are planning to return the control box and find a better service when we deplete our final 100 minutes.
Aug 4, 2009 5:18 PM (14+ Years)

Anyone have any experiance with FyreTV.com? This is a subscription based sevice to access full length DVD quality adult movies via broadband connection and playable on HD sets. We were using IntimateDVD , a netflix type service, but they appear to have gone out of business and failed to tell anyone.


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