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Friends Austin

Austin , Texas , United States
Phone: (512) 251-1199

About Friends Austin


Text or Call for more information

(512) 251-1199

We are the ONLY Lifestyle Club in Texas exclusive to

Adventurous Couples, Swingers, and Unescorted Ladies

at ALL times !

*COUPLES may bring Male Guests, but Unescorted Men are NOT allowed

**Male Guests remain with Host Couple through the night and may be approached, but are not allowed to approach others.

We PARTY until the PARTY is OVER !

Booze MUST exit the club at 2am, but we stay later if things are still happening.

*Treat us with respect, and we'll do so in kind.  Though we reserve the right to decide when things have finished, we've yet to tell Members they've overstayed.

We are the LARGEST Lifestyle Club in Texas !

17,000 square foot of UPSCALE SeXXXiness !!!

We are the MOST ESTABLISHED Lifestyle Club in Texas !

With over 23 years in business, we've learned a thing or 3 ...

We are the most PRIVATE and DISCREET Club in Texas !

There is NO SIGNAGE or markings on our building

We have an Unlisted Address

FEMALE Voice Verification required to obtain our location

  (512) 251-1199 

We are the SeXXXiest Club in TeXXXas !


A Secure, Staffed Coat Check

A variety of Levels and choice of Lounge, Cocktail, or Traditional Seating Arrangements

CLOTHING OPTIONAL Outdoor Smoking Patio

High End (JBL), Professional Sound System ... with a DJ that plays requests !

Over $10,000 in DMX Controlled, Professional, High End Lighting

A 450 sf Dance Floor to shake your ass on through the night


A GO-GO CAGE to Dance and Flaunt your NAUGHTIEST Moves


An additional 8 ft STATIONARY (Non-Spinning) STRIPPER POLE and Lit Stage


The Most SEDUCTIVE SHADOW BOX ever created ...

2 FREE PLAY ROOMS with discreet, but easily accessible entry points

Friendly, Knowledgeable Staff encouraging conversation and interaction at YOUR pace

... but the fun isn't limited to downstairs !

For a Minimal Premium Charge, The FRIENDS Club also

offers a more Secluded and Exclusive Experience on our

Second Floor: "The NeXXXt Level" !!!

"The NeXXXt Level" features PRESENTLY include:

Exclusive VIP Balcony Seating (for VIP Membership holders)

A Semi Private STRIPPER POLE with a discreetly lit stage

A Hard-Point Mounted, Ceiling Suspended SEX SWING

A Dual Sided, Hardwood ST. ANDREW'S CROSS

A Custom Made, Fully Padded SPANKING HORSE

A Medical Grade, Fully Equipped GYNO TABLE

A GLORY HOLE WALL able to provide both sides anonymity


"The COVE" (Our mirrored TIE POINT NOOK for Hitachi or Violet Wand Play)

A row of veiled PLAY MATTRESSES, with Individually Accessible Electrical Outlets !


A Massage Table

Also ...

for those seeking an even loftier height

The FRIENDS Club offers




SILHOUETTE SUITES are Veiled Seating Areas overlooking the Dance Floor, and easily noted as the BEST SEATS IN THE HOUSE !

Each Features seating for 4, as well as a PRIVATE MATTRESS for your pleasure.

They provide an experience unlike any other, as they afford you the luxury of the ENTIRE NeXXXt Level, as well as your own PRIVATE Space for more intimate encounters.

Available EVERY WEEK, these are TRULY UNIQUE and consistently our MOST POPULAR and FASTEST SELLING FEATURE through EVERY Special Event and PREMIUM PARTY !

*Purchase includes 4 wristbands, and each room can be customized to order for a small fee

Established in 1993, and catering exclusively to Adventurous COUPLES, Swingers and Unescorted Ladies, The FRIENDS Club consistently lives up to its name !

The FRIENDS Club provides an Intimate, Engaging, and Sexually Charged Playful Environment every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday evening from 9pm until 2 am.

Parties at The FRIENDS Club are for our Members, and our Members make the parties!

Like minded adults are invited to explore possibilities and enjoy intimate moments in our Safe, Comfortable, Private and Sexy and Seductive Atmosphere. 

Crowds at The FRIENDS Club are from all walks of life, come in all shades, sizes, ages, and financial strata, but have one thing in common: A SEXY ATTITUDE !

*The MINIMUM Age for entry is 21

*On average, the typical age group tends to be between 30 and 50, but there are ALMOST ALWAYS SEVERAL COUPLES BETWEEN 20 and 30 IN ATTENDANCE.  This is the same for those 50 and over.

*On average, typical Members APPEAR to fall in the Upper Middle Class, or Upper Class of income levels... HOWEVER ... This could be VERY inaccurate, as we strictly adhere to a Dress Code, and most Members are more concerned with hygiene, appearance, conversation skills, and other factors beyond day jobs when they come to PARTY at The FRIENDS Club.

*The FRIENDS Club does not have room for racism.  Our crowd is a very diverse blend of races and nationalities and we enjoy and encourage the variety.  Interracial Couples are common, and though we understand each Member has the right to enjoy those they prefer, The FRIENDS Club does NOT differentiate treatment on this criteria.  For an estimate on our average breakdown by race we suggest observing any popular location in Austin for an hour or 2 and noting the overall average representation.

*PLEASE NOTE: We understand that everyone is not made for everyone else, so we strive to provide an environment for mingling, interacting, and testing the waters across social strata, as well as ways to become more intimately involved (in semi-privacy) with those you are most strongly attracted to.

Above All Else, Please Note the Following !

We dictate these items to EVERY phone call, and make certain EVERYONE attending is aware of their existence as often as possible !!!

1). The FRIENDS Club is a PRIVATE SOCIAL CLUB for Members Only.

 *Membership Fees are SEPARATE from Cover Charges

 *Membership is NOT OPTIONAL, and must be CURRENT.

 *Membership Applications are completed, purchased, and filed (at the door) on your 1st visit.

 *Temporary/Provisional and Annual Memberships are available ... as well as a LIMITED NUMBER of Lifetime Memberships.

2). The FRIENDS Club does not serve alcohol in any way, shape or form.

*We share this for your convenience as out of state visitors may be unfamiliar with Texas Law, and not understand they need to purchase alcohol before liquor stores close, or other outlets stop selling beer or wine for the night.

*Basic Set-ups, Citrus, Glassware, Cocktail Napkins, Corkscrews, Bottle Openers, and Ice are provided FREE OF CHARGE.

*Premium Set-ups (Energy Drinks, Juices, and Bottled Water) can be purchased for a reasonable fee.

*Members are allowed to bring in whatever beverage is most appealing to them, and we have a number of ice buckets, as well as a Bartender on duty.

3). The FRIENDS Club is a PRIVATE Social Club made up of Members that have an Adventurous and Playful Attitude in regards to Sex, Sexuality, and the Open Display of such activity in a private setting.  We therefore allow (WE DO NOT REQUIRE) Members to wear as little as a G-String throughout the body of the club, and do not monitor other areas of the club in regards to required minimal attire.

*The FRIENDS Club is NOT a Nudist Free For All, and "Noticeable Play" is NOT allowed anywhere and everywhere.  There are a LOT of new faces that come in weekly, and we want EVERYONE to feel welcome and comfortable, so we enforce the G-String Rule in the downstairs area that is in full view of all Members.

*There is a time and place for everything, and our ruling asserts that until 1am it is not the right time for Gentlemen to lose articles of clothing in the body of the club.  Your collared shirt MUST remain on (though it may be unbuttoned) until 1am if you are in full view of all Members.


For more information:


Text or Call

(512) 251-1199

Also ...

Just for grins, we'd like to mention that The FRIENDS Club was featured years ago on the Playboy TV Special: "Behind Closed Doors...Swinging"!

We've got a NEW LOCATION now, but if you get a chance to see the video, it's worth a minute of your time ... and there's a chance you'll see familiar faces in younger days !!!

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