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Purgatory Heaven & HellĀ® 2023 Free 1 year Membership on DesirousParty.com

Apr 21, 2023 6:37 PM (1+ Years)

Purgatory-Free 1 year Membership on DesirousParty.com

We thought that might grab your attention and yes you read correctly. If you have purchased a two or three day event ticket to Purgatory 2023. Then we are offering you a free 1 year membership on the DesirousParty.com site......now please read further so this is easy on everyone. You will need to have......

1 Created a membership profile on DesirousParty.com. Profiles are valid for couples and single females only and must meet all membership requirements on the site.

2. Please email info@desirousparty.com with your Dp profile name and the first and last name on the Purgatory ticket purchase. So we can validate. It is also super beneficial if your email matches the Dp profile as well as your Purgatory ticket purchase on our processor ML ticketing. 

4. If you have already purchased a 1 year membership then congrats as we will add 1 more year to your membership for free. It's a free $70 value with no catches, no pyramid schemes, no  time share speeches over dinner etc......just joking. It is not available to single day or single event tickets, nor available if you cant attend and wish to transfer names on the tickets etc...  Only available to the ticket purchaser. OH and if you bought 3 couple tickets then it qualifies for only 1 free membership. 

Just our way of giving back to all of you for supporting Purgatory and DesirousParty.com over all these years. Plus we have a lot of HOT new couples and we want you on the site so everyone can get to know each other more online before the event. If you have any questions then please email us. 

Lastly tickets and hotel rooms are still available for Purgatory 2023 so help us continue to spread the word about this infamous event. 

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