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Wild On.... Hedo II- Negril, Jamaica-July 2012 Do's n Dont's

Jul 5, 2012 10:46 PM (11+ Years)
They allow you to take pictures on the prude side but not the nude side. However I have taken them on the nude side when no one else was around but us. It's the norm and all about respect. If people see you taking pictures of only your spouse etc.. and no one else is in the background then it should not be a problem. However just do not do it at the nude pool/hot tub area.
On the nude side guys have to be nude and girls have to at least be topless. On the prude side it is however you wish to be.
But not to many rules other than the normal lifestyle rules of respect etc... It is definitely a be as wild as you want to be type of place.
Jul 5, 2012 10:13 PM (11+ Years)
Hey guys - will we be allowed to take pictures at the resort?  I know this was prohibited at Desire so we didn't get any good pics of our vacation.  Any other rules we should be aware of?

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