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Dirty Vibes Music Fest 2019 Dirty vibes Trip Insurance

Mar 12, 2019 7:56 PM (6+ Months)

No one really likes to buy trip insurance and I am one of them. However, as the last two dirty vibes trips have proven. It is a definite must buy against those unforeseen circumstances. In order to do resort takeovers, the resorts have us to sign contracts where payments have to be made by certain dates. Hence how we pattern our guest's payment schedules for their reservations. With trip insurance, you are covered against family sickness, emergencies and depending on the policy pretty much against any other circumstance as well. 

If you do not purchase trip insurance then depending on your cancellation date. You could be out anywhere from $500 to the full amount of the trip. This has happened to several couples who had to cancel due to sickness, car wrecks, injury to kids etc.. 

Right Connections Travel does not like to see guests forfeit their vacations and will be happy to assist you in getting trip insurance. If you are attending dirty vibes music fest and you have not purchased trip insurance yet. Please call Right Connections Travel and they can assist you in getting it added to your trip. 

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