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Dirty Vibes Temptation Tower Takeover 2019 Dirty Vibes Tower Room Crawl

Feb 26, 2019 11:08 AM (4+ Years)

What is a Room Crawl?

  • Multiple room parties where couples offers their room to throw mini parties
  • Duration of parties in each room lasts 15-25 mins depending on activities
  • Couple decorates their room with a theme of their liking and offers different drinks or shot, or small party items to the participants
  • Couple can create some sort of activity or game to welcome everyone ( With this group anything is possible)
  • After one party is done, group moves on to the next room party until all hosted rooms are attended.
  • At end of the Room Crawl voting will be done to decide on best room in the room crawl on that day.
  • Winner will be announced and crowned Dirty Vibes Room Crawl Party of the Year and Prizes given to winner. We are doing two rooms crawls on Wednesday and Friday so we will have two winners this year.
  • When are the room crawls? Please see group itinerary for dates and times. 
  • What are the prizes for the winners? It's a surprise but trust us as it will be worth it!  

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