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Dirty Vibes Temptation Takeover Dirty Vibes Temptation Takeover 2020

Apr 27, 2019 12:37 PM (3+ Years)

To keep the event exclusive with the resort, to maintain the positive and vibrant vibes that was created with the dirty vibes April 2019 trip and ensure our event is top notch like we just experienced.  We have put in place some new group policies. 2020 Reservations will be a little different. There will be no event tickets sold for booking outside of the group. If you did not book through the Group Link or talked to David (Dp) or Don (RCT Travel) regarding booking you will not be able to attend the Dirty Vibes Group Events. We are adding many things for this event, and in order to do this we need everyone to book through Right Connections in order to include everyone. You can still book rooms outside of the Tower and Group blocks and still be included in the group. You just need to book through Right Connections as there will be no event tickets for 2020. We will accept Premier Reservations through Right Connections on a limited basis. We will not be accepting Premier Referral Reservations at all, you will need to book through Right connections with the group rates. Please reach out to Don (RCT Travel) if you have any questions regarding the event or reservations. We look forward to seeing you all in April 2020!


Apr 11, 2019 5:13 PM (3+ Years)

Dirty Vibes returns to Temptation Resort in 2020 for another takeover following the epic success of our April 2019 group trip. Over 160 couples joined us from all over to meet in Cancun for a spring time electric lifestyle event. So we return in 2020 to make it even larger with more parties, more rooms and more couples from all over the world. 

Right Connections Travel is the offiicial and only travel agency that can book into the dirty vibes takover block. DesirousParty works exclusively with RCT for our dirty vibes group blocks. They treat our clientele in a VIP fashion and are on site with us at all dirty vibes events to assist us if any needs arise. 

Until April 15th you can book for a $100 deposit and receive special limited promo prices by calling 855-337-4768. Rates increase on April 16th. Over 40 rooms have already been reserved and suites are very limited. 

Please note that if you the book Dirty Vibes...Temptation Takeover. You will also get 1 year free on the Dp site. Just email us at info@desirousparty.com with your booking confirmation number with RCT and your profile name on the DesirousParty site. We will upgrade you to a free year. 

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