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Dirty Vibes Music Fest Dirty Vibes Music Fest Itinerary

Jun 27, 2018 5:07 PM (7+ Months)

This is a very basic timeline that we are working on and we are going to be tweaking on it up until our arrival. Upon arrival you will get a welcome letter with the official itinerary with more details. But this gives you official order of theme nights and at the bottom you will see eleven of the dj's that will be spinning. We have picked the very best Cancun area dj's that spin at Desire R.M., Temptation, Desire Pearl and some of the popular clubs as well. 

Tuesday- July 31st

  • 3pm- Group Arrives
  • 8pm- Welcome Cocktail Mixer- Live Music at Agave Bar- Lobby Bar Area
  • 10pm- Disco Opens for 1st night of Music Fest-  Theme- Whips and Kisses- Leather, Lace, Lingerie, Fetish
  • 10pm-? Special playroom by Spa is open- a sensual atmosphere for the guests

Wednesday- August 1st

  • 1230pm-6pm Pool Party with first Dj taking the stage 
  • 8pm-10pm Special Entertainment in lobby area
  • 10pm-2am- 1st night time pool party- Theme- Electric Dreams (Rave, Neon)
  • 10pm-? Special Playroom is open- a sensual atmosphere for the guests

Thursday- August 2nd

  • 1230pm-6pm- Day time pool party with Dj's TBA 
  • 8pm-10pm- Special Entertainment in lobby area
  • 10pm- Disco Opens-Theme- Dirty Disco-Boogie Nights (rockstars, pornstars, movie stars)
  • 10pm-? Special Playroom opens- a sensual atmosphere for the guests

Friday-August 3rd

  • 1230pm-6pm- Day time Pool party with dj's TBA 
  • 1pm-230pm- Reggae Band with beach party and seafood grill on the beach
  • 8pm-10pm- Special Entertainment in lobby area
  • 10pm-2am- Night time Pool Party using big stage- Theme- Bling the Fuck Out (shimmer and shine, bling)
  • 10pm-? Special Playroom Opens- a sensual atmosphere for the guests

Saturday- August 4th

  • 1230pm-6pm- Daytime Pool Party- Dj's TBA  
  • 230pm- Foam Pool Party 
  • 8pm-10pm- Special Entertainment or resort dj's play music in lobby
  • 10pm-2am- Disco- Theme- A.B.C. - Anything But Clothes
  • 10pm-? Special playroom opens- a sensual atmosphere for the guests 

These are a list of the dj's that we have down so far. We do not have dj set times yet established. 

ScottyBoy, Lizzie Curious and Dj Omaar- 

Cancun Area Dj's-  Mauro, Willy Nice, Gilari, Leo, Dario, Manuel, Oswaldo and Enrique Garay. 

Mauro and Willy Nice are resident dj's on two of the biggest lifestyle cruises. Enrique Garay has opened for some of the biggest acts over the last several years as they toured through the Cancun area. I have personally heard Leo, Manuel and Oswaldo and they know how to throw some awesome pool parties with their sets. So we have a great lineup and we are not finished yet.  

Again this is just a very basic timeline. 

Jul 6, 2018 11:30 AM (7+ Months)

We are finallizing our dj's for Dirty Vibes Music Fest. Along with ScottyBoy, Lizzie Curious and Omaar. We have comprised a list of some of the hottest dj's in the Cancun area. Several of these dj's are also resident dj's on a on several of the lifestyle cruises as well. Plus several have been with us on previos music fest's at Desire Pearl and recently at our Wild On.....Temptation trip this past April.

  • Scottyboy
  • Lizzie Curious
  • Dj Omaar
  • Mauro
  •  Willys Nice
  •  Gilari
  •  Dj Leo
  •  Dj Dario
  •  Dj Manuel
  •  Enrique Garay
  •  Dj Oswaldo
  •  Dj Carlos.

We are also waiting on confirmation from three other dj's so the list will continue to grow. 

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