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Group Trips- 2012 Desire Cabo

Dec 13, 2011 9:16 PM (11+ Years)
I needed to do a follow up to my recent post. I placed a call to Gary Booth with Dream Pleasure Tours and it seems that management changed their minds again. Desire Cabo will be couples only and not allow singles. It seems that Desire taking over management of Ceiba del Mar is up in the air now. However one thing that will be definite in January will be that Ceiba will turn into a lifestyle resort. It's just not known who will be running the property. So hope all the info helps and we will definitely continue to crank out some high energy fun group trips. Glad that Desire Cabo will now be on our schedule of resorts.
Dec 13, 2011 6:56 AM (11+ Years)
We posted in a earlier forum that we will be doing three group trips in 2012. April will be Punta Serena. July will be Hedo II in Jamaica and looking at returning to Ceiba del Mar in November 2012. Contracts are already being discussed for Jamaica and just waiting to see if Desire management goes through with taking over the Ceiba property. So Desire Cabo is possible for 2013.
We were at Ceiba in November when all the big shake up meetings were taking place with Desire management. As they are trying to decide what they are going to be doing with each property. As of last week the plan was to return to Los Cabos to a Desire format meaning clothing optional. However they planned on allowing anyone 21 and up which means single males and females. They would keep Desire Cancun couples only. Temptation Cancun as it currently is. Ceiba del Mar would turn into their premier property with more amenities, amped up luxury, better rooms etc.... Desire management wants four distinct properties each with a flair to its on. There are still more changes coming in the near future.

On a side note. We had kicked around the idea of doing Los Cabos in April of this year again. However with all the shake ups and with Punta Serena offering us a takeover with our group only. It was to good to pass up. It's a little farther south from Cabo but same breath taking views, great property and they cater to their guests. Plus we control the energy with our theme nights and our own Dj.
We love the Pacific side of Mexico so we definitely will keep that side of Mexico in our travel plans for the group.

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