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Mar 20, 2023 2:25 PM (1+ Years)

Deep House Brunch returns to Idle Hands in Austin, Texas on April 23rd. The weekend kicks off at colette Austin with the second annual Barbie n Ken party. A two event party weekend in Austin. Both fliers are attached below as well. 

May 30, 2022 2:53 PM (2+ Years)

Deep House Brunch was started in 2020 in Los Angeles. A sunday funday vibe centered around Deep Soulful Jackin House + Good Food & Drinks = The Best Day Party in LA! Created by ScottyBoy it has grown to events across the U.S.. 

A great benefit to the DesirousParty guests is that great visions can combine. So a few times a year join DesirousParty for a Saturday night event and then the following day Deep House Brunch will host a Sunday Funday event close by. So guests can make a full weekend out of two great vibes. 

This weekend, June 4th is one of those times. As June 4th we are at Henke Pillot for One Night in Paris. Then on Sunday, Deep House Brunch will be held at Idle Hands hosted by ScottyBoy a several artists joining him fo the daytime event. It is a great loungie vibe, good conversations, meeting old and new friends over brunch and cocktails. 

We are currently working on Deep House Brunch for Purgatory 2022. More details coming soon. 

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