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(Past Trip) Wild on Hedonism III, Spring 2006 Day trips

Mar 1, 2006 11:02 AM (18+ Years)
There is a tour desk inside the lobby area that organizes the various trips and such. You do have to have a certain amount of people for certain excursions such as the booze trip. Last year while we sat around and drank ourself to sobriety. lol We would pick a day for a booze cruise and then go around and tell others. So whichever day we do what is okay with us. Normally the first full day (which will be Tuesday for us) we spend meeting and greeting and getting our chill factor on (getting drunk). Then the organizers take over (the ladies) who tell us what they want to do. With our large group it should be no problem for enough people for booze cruises and the DRF trip. So any help you guys want to give organizing day trips would be awesome. You will find Ms. DP and me up in the trees dangling from our harnesses wandering what the hell we are doing and why.  
Feb 28, 2006 9:03 AM (18+ Years)
Another popular day or evening trip is a chartered booze-cruise on a large catamaran. We arrive on Sunday the 12th so if there is enough interest in side excursions, I'll go ahead and see if I assist Mr. and Mrs. DP  in organizing an activity or two.  I'm sure I can organize a day trip to Dunns River Falls. In all likelihood, we can find vans that will carry 3-4 couples per van to DRF.  So, if you would like to commit to a DRF trip, let us readyandsteady007@yahoo.com know and I will organize it.  As far as a booze cruise, we would probably have to commit at least 10 couples or 20 people to it before getting a boat charter to commit to it.  I will assess that possibility, also, when I arrive.  If that looks like a possibility, I will just circulate a sign-up sheet at Hedo to see if we can come up with enough participants.  If anybody else has any ideas on these things, make a post or email us.
Feb 28, 2006 7:55 AM (18+ Years)
Wanted to know where I can find the promo info that Mr. DP was talking about on the tree canopy tour.
Feb 28, 2006 7:53 AM (18+ Years)
Count us in for the Dunns River falls excursion. Its our first to to Jamaica and we heard it shouldnt be missed. Also, has anyone been on the rum factory tour? is it worth the time?
Feb 27, 2006 9:17 AM (18+ Years)
Mr. DP here. I hate heights so its not to bad from the promo pics that I had seen. Not sure on the bugs but I would bring some bug spray or cream as I recommend that for any night at Hedo III or Desire.
There is also a horseback riding excursion that is offered by the resort. In fact they offer a wide range of excursions. You can even take a tour up to Bob Marley's house and see his grave site as well.
Feb 26, 2006 12:51 PM (18+ Years)
Although we're sure there will be plenty of fun stuff going on around the resort during the week, we will probably take a day trip to Grand Lido Braco (the facilities there are really nice and the nude beach is supposed to be the best on the island) and/or to Dunns River Falls which really shouldn't be missed if you've never done it.  If anybody else is interested, let us know.  If you want, you can post here or email us at readyandsteady007@yahoo.com  Regards!
Feb 26, 2006 4:29 AM (18+ Years)
We are also looking to get off the resort and take a few site seeing tours. Normally we do the booze cruise but I think we are going for something unique and different. Mr. DP has wanted to try the tree canopy rope tour. Basically you strap into a harness and go from one platform to another high up in the trees and do a tour through the jungle. We always forget to bring our tennis shoes but they are being packed this time.
Dunns river falls is also fun as we recommend that you try it if you have not done it yet. Awesome views and you have to take that plunge for the photo opp.

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