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Purgatory Heaven & Hell® 2023 Damn Virgins Stage

Feb 17, 2023 11:00 PM (1+ Years)

Quite a few people have known that I have talked about for the last year a new brand that we are finally going to introduce as a new stage name at Purgatory 2023.  As promised........Damn Virgins.......

For the past 20 years, DesirousParty has been driven by our signature motto…..”Catering To The New Lifestyle”. A motto that we’ve embraced to keep the Dp brand and events bold, contemporary, and uniquely distinct. As we approach our 20th anniversary of hosting provocative Lifestyle events, it’s only fitting to introduce the newest Dp brand; “Damn Virgins”. In classic Dp style, Damn Virgins is never an insult, but a joyous salute to all those new to the Lifestyle who bring curious, fresh, & sexy energy, with ever-present smiles on their faces, as they seek out the epitome of DesirousParty events. As guests enter Purgatory Heaven & Hell 2023, they’ll be welcomed at the Damn Virgins lounge bar stage. The Damn Virgins stage represents the party anthems & sing-alongs from diverse music genres combined with the perfect mixing & mingling crowd to connect the experienced, the virgins, and everyone in between. Damn Virgins stage will be the meeting ground to welcome everyone to Purgatory 2023 & remind us that, at one time, we were all new & innocent. Gotta love those Damn Virgins!

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