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Apr 3, 2017 4:03 PM (1+ Years)

Our good friends approached us with a new product that they are getting ready to launch on kickstarter. We agree this is not your typical lifestyle product or topic you find in the forums. But as they explained, they designed this product with the ladies of DesirousParty in mind. Women who are active, do not like to let life slow them down and who feel and treat their bodies like the goddess they are. 

With no further ado here is their new product called, Cybele, WWW.BeCybele.com  It is a nylon and spandex undergarment that doubles as a waist trainer that defines your Beyonce curves. The design has four pockets that hold medical grade heat packets. One on the lower abdomen, one on the lower back and two for the back of each thigh. You can choose get heat packs that are microwavable and or the chemical gel heat packs that heat up at the push of a button and each 130 degrees. The undergarments are stretchable and made like we mentioned for the active female. 

We have attached a few of the instructional fliers that they sent us. Ladies be sure to go to their website and join their mailing list for future updates. They will be giving away monthly, free Cybele kits to those who join the mailing list. 




Apr 3, 2017 4:13 PM (1+ Years)

Here is their video and its pretty funny on a not so funny topic. lol



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