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Houston Crome, Shepherd $ Westheimer

Oct 22, 2005 10:17 AM (18+ Years)
We did our first DP party at Crome last night. The club blew away any expectations that we had. The staff is great and we love the VIP areas. Pretty much gives you a two party in one feeling. Plus anyplace that puts a custom bike on top of a chrome wall and had girls dancing all around definitely has the right concept in our opinion. We will definitely be back.
Jul 27, 2005 7:53 AM (18+ Years)
Brand new club that you have to check out. Great attention to detail everywhere. Plus awesome Big Dawg Choppers throughout the club. The DJ booth is 20ft. up in the air and of course with a name such as Crome you can assume that Chrome is everywhere in the club. They play a great mix of techno, house and transe. VIP areas are available with each area having their own security person. The back patio area has gas lamps, metal sculptures and a Las Vegas feel to it. This club is a definite must to check out. DP recommends this new club as it raises the bar for others to follow.

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