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14th annual Houston Halloween Parties Costume Contest Rules

Oct 12, 2017 4:37 PM (6+ Years)

As we have become one of the nations largest lifestyle club Halloween parties. Thus our costume contest has grown also. In order to do the contest we have to stop the party, kill the Dj and to be honest it has gotten pretty hard to do with so many awesome individual costumes. You guys have gotten very creative that there are so many great costumes and we cannot award everyone to be the winner, nor at times enter everyone into the contest. So, this year we are going to change things up a bit. 

We are going to go back to how we originally ran the contest. It is a couples party so we are going to back in that direction with the rules. 


  1. Contestants will be judged as a couple and not individually
  2. Meaning only couples will be chosen for the contest
  3. Must be in Halloween costume theme together. 
  4. You will be judged as you enter the club. So judges will be in the foyer. If you are selected you will be given a entry slip. 
  5. Contestants cannot enter on their own as they must be pre selected
  6. Contest will be done in the Main Room on second stage at approximately 11pm. So if you are selcted please be near the stages in main room at 11pm. 
  7. Contest will be done by our judges and crowd applause will be included as well. We just do not want to do it by crowd applause alone. Giving everyone a fair chance. 
  8. Prizes are listed in the event information and can be found by clicking on the Halloween party flier. 

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