Halloween Erotica Ball- 21st Annual
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Halloween Erotica Ball- 21st Annual Comments from last years 20th annual Halloween Erotica Ball

Jun 10, 2024 1:39 PM (4+ Days)
  • Had an AMAZING Halloween weekend with the Halloween Erotica Ball
  • Can’t wait til the next time
  • Once again, always a great time!
  • Thank you everyone for all of your hard work! The staff, the DJs, the hotel, and the amazing decorations for making this happen so all of us can cut loose and enjoy life with fun friends.
  • Another amazing Halloween Erotica Ball. So FUN! Thanks DP
  • What an amazing weekend Halloween Erotica Ball 2023 Epic! all three rooms with packed dance floors! Epic Halloween!! Thank you Desirous Party Erotica Ball team for another amazing weekend. Once again Desirous another great show, had a great time with so many sexy respectful folks
  • What a super fun event. One of our favorites of the year.
  • We had an amazing time what a great party
  • Our first Halloween party was amazing! We had such a great time at this well-organized event.
  • Looking forward to next year!!
  • Had a great time meeting so many people!
  • So much fun!!!! Looking forward to the next hotel takeover.
  • Always so much fun energy! The people we go with, run into, and meet is our favorite part! Soul vibes recharged until next time!
  • What an incredible and record-breaking Halloween Erotica Party! 
  • Wow! Erotica Ball Night 2 was insane. Would you believe a bigger single-night attendance than Purgatory? Thank you to the support staff, security, hotel, sound, decorations, DJs... amazing job!
  • What an amazing weekend Halloween Erotica Ball 2023 Epic! All three rooms with packed dance floors!
  • Amazing event all the way around, as usual! Can't wait for next year!
  • Incredible event!!! Amazing vibes all weekend long!
  • The music, the vibe… the costumes… the people!!!! THE BEST!

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