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Apr 10, 2019 1:30 PM (4+ Years)

Wow, what a epic week and I dont like to use the word epic very often. Over 160 couples joined us for Dirty Vibes Temptation 2019 from all over the U.S., Canada and Europe. I have hosted and produced a lot of events over the last 19 years but this trip was definitely one of the most memorable. So many sexy people coming together from all over the world and having such a gorgeous vibe. The energy, friendliest people and the atmosphere just made for such a great trip. It was an incredible week and huge thanks to everyone who joined us this week and helped all your hosts make this such a successful event. Costumes were on point and our djs kept the Vibes sexy all week with their music. Thanks for everyone who continues to spread the word about DesirousParty.com and our next signature brand Dirty Vibes. Mark your calendars for next year, April 28th to May 3rd 2020 as we return to Temptation for another Dirty Vibes takeover.

  • David, Don, Jen n Alex, you guys hosted a great event. Thanks to everyone we met who made our first trip to Temptation/Cancun amazing! We look forward to doing it again!
  • To all The people we met. Can't wait to see you again. To those we didn't meet. Can't wait to meet you. Great time with great sexy people.
  • Fun times! With Dirty Vibes! Awesome crowd! Thank you for having us!
  • Wow what a party!!!! The amount of sexy people partying all day everyday, bringing energy, and dirty vibes was awesome! Thank you to each and every one of you for all the compliments and for making this trip the most epic lifestyler spring break! Shout out to our awesome DJs ScottyBoy, Moe Green, Omaar and Izzy. Y'all kept everyone dancing and moving. This year was so electric because of all of y'all's energy and we are all so thankful to all of you for coming out and partying with us! Can't wait to see you all April 28-May 3 back at Temptation for the next take over. Travel agents extraordinare Don and Amishka with Right Connections Travel have brought us great deals and low deposits all while the absolute master of production Dp is already working on next year's epic production! We cant wait to do it again with all of you and are so humbled by all of y'alls kind words THANK YOU!!
  • What a incredible trip and incredible sexy group. The Vibes were good! Thanks to everyone that showed up. Thanks to DJ Moe Green, DJ ScottyBoy and DJ Omar for keeping those sexy bodies moving and creating those Dirty Vibes. Can’t wait for August Dirty Vibes Music Fest and doing it once again with you all! Till next time
  • Hey guys I have to say this is the most fun we have ever had in the LS. People here are the most friendliest and honorable people. 
  • After being to Desire Pearl and RM and other similar resorts, we must admit, this is the HOTTEST and friendliest group of people we have EVER been around! 
  • So glad we decided to make this trip. Special thanks to Don and David Dp for putting this on!
  • Many thanks to Don, Jen and Alex and David, and the many hardworking people of Temptations. You guys sure know how to throw a good party. There wasn’t a night we got more than 3 hours of sleep and it was worth it to party with all you sexy fuckers.
  • What a trip it was. Amazing new friends. Nights that didn’t end. Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks Don and David Dp for hosting a great vacation and party.
  • Our first trip to Temptations with the Dirty Vibes was AWESOME. Don and David Dp did an incredible job of Making sure Everyone had a great time and one to remember. Thankyou guys!
  • Temptation was an awesome getaway. Thanks David Dp and Don for a great trip!
  • All good things must come to an end. We had such a blast! Thanks David Dp for an awesome production! Thanks for everyone’s hospitality. We met so many amazing people! Until next time.....
  • Thanks to Desirousparty for hosting an amazing event this week, we had a Blast! 
  • Had an amazing time with the DP group at Temptations last week, met some awesome people and got to hang out with friends we dont get to see often. Thanks David Dp and Jen and Alex and everyone else involved for another great vacation!!


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