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Wild On......Desire Pearl- Winter 2012 Comments/Feedback from Wild On.....Desire Pearl Winter 2012

Nov 20, 2012 10:04 PM (10+ Years)
Are you ready for an epic vacation? We have had some incredible group trips over the years. As we have grown more experienced and learned what does and does not work each trip has gotten better and better. Plus you get the DesirousParty.com hosts accompanying you on every group vacation along with one of the owners from Dream Pleasure Tours also. So you have go to contact  hosts on every trip. Something you do not get with other travel agents. We are there for you to make sure the staff performs as expected, Dj's create the right vibe and when possible we also strive to get you room upgrades that you do not have to pay for. Not always possible but it happens quite frequently.We have learned how to amp up the trip energy at the appropriate times, let the couples relax, work with the Dj's to mimic our parties energies that we host back in Houston and cater to our guests making sure that they are having an amazing time. It is a lot of work but it is something that we enjoy. In fact we take a lot of pride in it. You go on vacation to party, relax, make some memories, leave the stress at home and you can look to us to help you do all of that. A big part is we pick the resorts that work with us to create your perfect vacation.  Plus we host a meet n greet at the beginning of the trip and then group dinners during the week. So you have the chance to meet others if you so choose. 

Are you ready for a epic vacation? Here is some feedback from guests from the recent trip to Desire Pearl. 

We are rearranging what we can to make it back in April! Best. Trip. EVER!

Pretty sure that our trip to Desire Pearl was the best vacation we've ever had!

Thanks for putting that awesome trip together!!! We had a blast at Desire Pearl!!

Great trip to Desire Pearl! Nice to finally meet you both.

WOW!   Fucking awesome is all we can say - see you in April!

Thanks for putting that AWESOME trip together!!!! We had a blast at Desire Pearl!

Thank you for a wonderful time in Cancun. You guys were great hosts. 

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