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Club FWD

510 Gray
Houston, Texas 77002, USA

About Club FWD

FWD is a new venue owned and operated by dance music enthusiasts, showcasing the most cutting-edge dance music Houston, Texas, and the world have to offer. We are committed to providing a home and developing a community for forward-thinking and timeless music--even music that you may have never heard before. We feel that music is more than just background stimulation; that a night out means letting go of expectations and favorite songs, putting the evening in the hands of a DJ and our silky smooth sound system, and coming along for the ride.

So what are we not? We
are not the hot new flavor of the month venue. We are not here for you to see and be seen. We don't care how fly your shoes are, as long as they don't hurt you when you're dancing! It's time to break out of the force-fed pre-programmed soundtrack. Let's move Forward.

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