Club Coppia Houston  Texas 77064 Public NightClub
Venue TypeAlcoholSmokingMember Rating
Public NightClubCash BarAllowed Outside8.4

Club Coppia

8111 N. Sam Houston Pkwy Ste 300
Houston , Texas 77064, USA
Phone: 281-894-2552

About Club Coppia

Club Coppia is located at the intersection of Gessner and N. Beltway. About two exits from the horse track. It is found within a brand new shopping center and holds the prime location in the center.
Your first impression of the club is set as soon as you enter the front doors. The club has a french quarter/boudeau feel. It is elegent, laid out perfectly and attention to detail is everywhere.  To sum it up nicely would be to say it is a plush modern ultra lounge.
The DJ booth is located on the left hand side of the club from the front doors. It is tall so that the DJ can oversee the entire club and control the energy and vibe. The bar is located on the opposite end of the club from the front doors. It is very long with plenty of bar stools, two flat screen t.v.'s and the decor in this area is nicely done. Plus it is fully stocked with any type of alcohol you might desire.
VIP seating is located in a raised area that encompasses two sides of the club that surrounds the dance floor. This area also gives the guests a full unobstructed view of the entire club. The vip area is for bottle service or a set minimum of drinks. Each couch section can hold six guests. There is one area that can hold more guests and has its own dance pole as well.
The dance floor is very large and has two raised round dance pole platforms. This area is surrounded by tables for guests and gives the patron a upclose visual of the dance floor action. This area does not require bottle service and or a drink minimum.
Overall Club Coppia has a great upscale atmosphere to it and is one of the nicest L.S. clubs in Houston and all of Texas.

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