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Movie Reviews Cloverfield

Jan 28, 2008 8:28 AM (15+ Years)
I went to see the movie with lowered expectations as there was way to much hype. So I came out thinking the movie was okay. It was different than the typical style movie  and kept things interesting but a little dizzie with all the jerkiness of the camera. But if I was drunk and running from things in the dark no camera stabilizer would help me either. lol  I would also suggest that you sit through the closing credits as I did not. I learned the other day that there was a secret message at the end of the credits. Lots of static and tuning of a ham style radio. Then a voice that you could not understand. Of course someone played this backwards and it was a voice saying, " It's still alive". So get ready for part II.  I believe you can hear the secret message if you search on U-Tube.

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