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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020 Close Out and Feedback from Purgatory 2020

Sep 9, 2020 10:56 AM (8+ Months)

Close Out:

A round of applause to everyone who attended Purgatory 2020 and made it epic. it takes a team to create and implement this event every year. So thanks to ESP, PSP for lights and sound. They create the energy you see and feel that pushes the vibe. We sat down and wanted to give the guests a light show at the pool and grand ballroom that was uniquely different this year. From your responses I think we accomplished that. Thanks to the CraziersFB group, for the 4th floor after party and all the after parties they host each hotel event. As well as the pre party mixers, photo booths and everything they do behind the scenes. Thank you to the IV Bars team for putting us back together each day. lol As its hard to party like rockstars when you have been off for 6 months. Also thank you to all the Dj's who did multiple sets and flew from all over the U.S. to create the beats that moved those bodies. Plus a big thanks to the DoubleTree IAH hotel for the awesome new venue and the entire staff that went above and beyond to host this event this year. Purgatory 2020 was rescheduled, moved hotels and lot of additions to make it happen. But from the guests to the Purgatory Team we all made it happen. So thank you. Purgatory 2021 will be July 15th weekend and we are already working on the contract so stay tuned.


  • What a GREAT Purgatory 2020!! We had so much fun and can't wait to see all you sexy, crazy people again next year! Special thanks to Dp for all the hard work, scheduling and rescheduling you had to go thru to pull this off... it does not go unappreciated!

  • Just when you think the last purgatory was the ish, Dp takes it yet to another level. Best purgatory ever!!!!

  • Epic party, Amazing DJs, Drummer, Sax guy.. I blame all of you for setting my feet on fire. I can barely walk now!
  • Great job also to the Craziers and all other after parties, IV bar crew, tape outfit crew, Photo booth, the boutique, the hotel staff, all the great energy from all of you and positive vibes.
  • We barely had any fun... we may have to try again and again and again  thanks DP for putting it on, think we all needed it.
  • To everyone we met, thank you for making this the best Purgatory yet. For everyone we didn’t meet, we hope to meet you next year because we are already planning. Third and best and just feeling all the happiness and love for this wonderful life!!! 
  • Thank you Dp for putting this event together and The Craziers for helping. I was happy to meet amazing new people and the ones I didn’t meet I can’t wait until I do meet yall. Amazing weekend 
  • Well, that was one Purgatory of a Party Props to all the people that helped put it on. All the DJs for the great music! The lighting and sound crews! The OUTSTANDING hotel staff  And, props to the photo booth and 360 video!
  • What an amazing weekend! Made a ton of new friends and can’t wait to see you all again next year! 
  • Thanks to everyone for an amazing weekend! Definitely a weekend to remember.

  • Well, it was definitely one for the books!! Thanks to all the DJs that kept me going! You guys killed it!!
  • Until next year...  -D

  • First Purgatory was AMAZING. Such sexy genuine energy. Thank you Dp for a great event. Friends,
  • Till next time...
  • Our first Purgatory was amazing!! A big thank you to Dp for putting on a great party. Also a special thank you to Sinful Designs Bodyart for April’s tape outfit. It was amazing!! It was great seeing old friends and making new ones. Until next year....

Until next year and again tkank you to everyone for a great Purgatory 2020. Your Dp Purgatory team greatly appreciates it. 


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