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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell,Total Hotel Party Weekend 2016 Bottle Service and Drink Prices for Purgatory Weekend

Jul 3, 2016 11:04 PM (6+ Years)

I was informed by the hotel that Tuesday is the last day to send in your bottle service reserved table requests. After that it will be on a first come basis and we will have the reservations forms at the registration desks. 

Jul 2, 2016 3:02 PM (6+ Years)

Bringing this topic back to the front. If you wish to purchase discounted pre sale drink tickets and or reserve bottle service tables please request the forms from info@desirousparty.com As the hotel requires bottle service to be reserved beforehand and the necessary forms are sent into food and beverage dept at the hotel. 

Pre sold drink tickets will be given to you as you check into the hotel. If you are not staying at the hotel then the ticket registration desk will have those drink tickets for you. Plus at anytime you may purchase drink tickets at the pool bar and or at the cashier desk which will be set up in the Esplanade during the night time parties. 

Lastly no outside food or beverage is allowed into the event areas. This covers water bottles, insulated cups by RTC, Yeti's etc.....jello shots, etc.... So we wish that you respect hotel rules that enable us to host this infamous event at the DoubleTree. Drink tickets are super cheap compared to club prices so its a win win for everyone as this will be a epic weekend with over 180 rooms booked into the group block. 


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