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CasaBlanca-New Years Eve Houston 2016 Bottle Service Reserved Tables Information

Dec 29, 2015 8:34 PM (6+ Years)

We have 3 tables in the front room next to the new stage remaining. 2 tables in the Ultra Lounge. 3 tables left in the Sports Lounge and after that reserved table bottle service is sold out for CasaBlanca NYE. 

Dec 17, 2015 8:36 PM (6+ Years)

Lots of questions from party guests. Bottle service is a party addition that is not part of your ticket package. We split it up to give everyone a option as some like to mix n mingle and order from the bar. But for those who wish to have a reserved table this is a great option. Plus we offer it for hundreds less than other venues do on NYE. As we want everyone to have a night to remember. 

If you wish to get bottle service then please write info@desirousparty.com

Dec 10, 2015 2:56 PM (6+ Years)

Main Room is now Sold Out for bottle service tables. 

We have availability in the Sports Lounge for bottle service just off the main room.

The Ultra Lounge upstairs has 1 remaining Cabana that will hold three to four couples. This cabana also has a dance pole in it. We also have several two and four top tables available in the Ultra Lounge for bottle service as well. 

For those not wishing to reserved a table. The front room and champagne room will be available on a first come basis for seating. 

Nov 23, 2015 4:48 PM (6+ Years)

Lots of question regarding reserved sections for bottle service. We have written up a descriptor of the areas, dj's and genre of music played in those areas. 

Bottle service is available by writing info@desirousparty.com Please let us know your bottle type request, number in your group,the section you request to be in and the name to hold the reservation under. Please arrive by 10pm to hold your reservation.  

Few quick notes in regards to this years CasaBlance NYE event. Our New Years Eve parties have become known nationwide, for the amenities, glitz, glamour and sex appeal of the crowd. Every year bottle service sells out so we highly suggest that you get your requests in early. We are listing out the sections and both dj's will  spin from the main stage in the main room of the club. The main room will be televised on screens throughout the club as well as the CasaBlanca movie.  

  • Main Room- The main room has started a remodel. There is now three, 6-8 person VIP Booths on the back wall facing the dance floor, dj, stages etc... Each of these sections required 2 bottles to reserve. There is also three 4 person tables that only require 1 bottle to reserve. 
  • Front Room-  The front room will be for first come seating as well as the champagne room which is in the same area. This area has also been remodeled. As there is now new seating, new stage and dance pole in that area with a great view of the main room. 
  • Sports Lounge- has been remodeled. The back wall that separated the sports lounge and main stage has been removed. So you now have a direct view of the dj and all the action on the main stage. This is one of our most popular areas. It can hold large groups and or seat a couple requiring a more intimate evening. You can be near and see the party action but not have to be amongst it if you do not wish to in this location.
  • Ultra Lounge-  new dance floor area, new dance lighting recently added and new couch seating. Plus there is the three cabana areas with two having dance poles in them for your private party. 
  • Palapa Bar- outdoor area that will be open for our guests who like to smoke. The music indoors will be heard outside on the Palapa Bar speakers. 

Your CasaBlanca NYE Dj's

  • Dj Omaar 8pm to 11pm- Main Stage
  • Dj M.E. 11pm- 2am- Main Stage
  • Both of these Dj's spin all genres of music as they let the crowd action on the dance floor dictate which direction their music goes. So you will hear old school, rock, hip hop, dance, house remixes, EDM and anything that puts the crowd in action on the dance floor and stages.

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