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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend- Total Hotel Party Weekend 2013 Bottle Service & Pre Sale Drink Tickets

Jun 18, 2013 4:04 PM (9+ Years)
Drink tickets can be purchased inside any of the event areas as well  we Sundance Lounge. You may pay cash, c.c., bill to room etc... It is encouraged to buy several at a time so you do not have to stand in line in order to get a drink. Inside the event areas you must have a drink ticket in order to get a drink at the bar. However in Sundance Lounge you do not have to have a drink ticket as its treated as a normal cash bar. Yes we know a little difficult but not our rules as we must abide by the hotel rules. So we will make it work and just passing along information to make it easier for everyone. 
Jun 17, 2013 11:59 PM (9+ Years)
If you requested bottle service pre sale forms please get those into the hotel. As we are doing the ballroom layout on Wednesday and will only be putting out enough reserved tables for those who purchased the bottle service. If you are waiting until the night of the event then it is very likely that it will not be available. 
Jun 13, 2013 8:53 PM (9+ Years)
Just for those who are wishing to know. Bottle service gets you a reserved table and these will be the only reserved tables. Bottle service gets you a reserved table for 4 unless you purchase more than one bottle and make note or let us know you need a larger table. Largest table available is for 8 people. 
Jun 12, 2013 5:55 PM (9+ Years)
We have limited bottle service left for the main event for Purgatory. We are putting reserved bottle service tables around the Dj/dance floor area. All other seating will be very limited as we are expecting over 500 for this event. Thus once we reserve these final tables for bottle service we will be sold out. So if desiring reserved table bottle service please write info@desirousparty.com
May 14, 2013 3:10 PM (9+ Years)
Please Note: The only way to get bottle service is to read the above information and request that the bottle service form be emailed to you. You have to fill out that form and you have to fill out all the required information as it requests and then send it back to the listed email address. There is no other way and if you just email them requesting bottle service it is not going to be reserved. This is the hotels system that we used last year and it works efficiently. So please read the above information. 
May 10, 2013 3:53 PM (9+ Years)
This topic is in regards to bottle service for the main event in the grand ballroom on Saturday night. Plus pre sale drink tickets for all weekend events as well. 
Please read fully.............. 
Last year we had long wait lines as people had to purchase drink tickets then head to the bar. So we have worked with the hotel to initiate a better system. 
 As no outside coolers, water bottles, cups, liquor, jello shots etc are allowed inside event areas.  The hotel is giving our Purgatory event attendees $7 pre sale super premium, premium drink tickets/$4 wine and domestic, imported beer tickets if purchased ahead of time. If not purchasing pre sale drink tickets, drink prices inside event area will be $8 & $4 respectively. Which if you have been to a bar/club lately then you know this is a heck of a deal either way. We are working with the hotel so you can also charge drink tickets to your room and order them room service style and they will bring the tickets to your room. That or you can purchase them ahead of time (see info below), when you check in at the front desk.  If you wait to purchase them inside the event areas then the higher price will initiate. Either way super great prices and we are offering you this to save you waiting in line so you can get your drink on without waiting
Now in regards  to bottle service. This again is for main event grand ballroom only. Like last year we will email you a form when requested. You will fill out this form, select your bottle service and or pre sale drink ticket purchases and email/fax it back to the listed email address for the hotel coordinator. Like last year bottle service will sell out before the event. They have given us some tremendous discounted bottle service prices. Bottle service gets you a reserved table and these will be the only reserved tables for the event. 
So if you wish to purchase reserved bottle service for grand ballroom and or pre sale drink tickets before the event. Please write info@desirousparty.com and we will send you the required form to fill out and email back. 

On a side note the hotel will have breakfast/lunch and dinner buffets for us all weekend. Along with full menu service  in the restaurants and room service as well. Sundance Lounge will also be serving food and is located just outside the pool area. 

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