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Halloween Desirous 2009 Attending Halloween Desirous for the 1st Time?

Oct 29, 2009 11:37 AM (13+ Years)
We are getting some emails from first time party guests asking what is DesirousParty and what are the parties like. We have designed a "Q & A" section at the top of the tool bar that answers alot of the questions and describes the events, group, etc.... It lets everyone get a feel so to speak for what the site and party guests are about. So check it out and hope the info helps. If you still have questions just email us and we will get them answered as quickly as possible.
Oct 26, 2009 10:21 PM (13+ Years)
We had the chance to chat with DJ Seismyc last night about his plans for his music set on Halloween. He is definitely going with our vision as we have tried to create a Halloween utopia. Which is a night of vivid sexiness, enticing in nature and one that sets the tone for your imagination from the moment you walk into the room. This will definitely not be your average Halloween party.
DJ Seismyc is bringing out one of his female House music soldiers dressed in full Halloween regalia doing the hula hoop on the main stage during his set. Along with a laser light show pulsating to the beats of the music through a foggy haze. This should be a great scene to set the tone of the evening as you walk into the party  and enter a Halloween bliss of every costume imaginable and will set the stage before Kevin Seitz takes over the turn tables. Kevin will be playing the best top 40 dance hits, old school remixes and anything that puts the female body on the dance floor, onto the stages and the cages as well.
This is just in the main room and we highly encourage you to to roam the entire club. Halloween Desirous is a night of costumed erotica and every area has its on feel of uniqueness, sexiness, and its own vibe. Great people, great fun and one night of the year that you do not want to miss. We are going to 3am this year with the time change so prepare to party past the witching hour.
Oct 3, 2009 8:04 AM (13+ Years)
Every year people discover this event and want to attend a party a little different than their normal Halloween party. As this is not your normal Bo Sheep and Sponge Bob Square pants party. Just look at last years photo gallery. This party has grown every year by reputation and I just thought it would be a great idea to put out a few suggestions and others can chime in as well. Plus its a great way to start building the energy of Halloween as we are now in Roctober and getting closer to the witching hour. However first I want to grab a comment from last years Halloween Erotica forum that a first time couple left after attending the party then I will follow up with some suggestions.

"Well, I have to admit.  WE were one of those vanilla couples who weren't sure if this would be the kind of thing that would interest us.  And boy are we glad we came out!  The site, group, and party are all so inviting, while not being pushy.  It is allowing us to find our comfort limit and not feel like we have to hurry to catch up to anyone else's level just to hang out."

Fun suggestions and tips:
1. Everyone has questions about the parties, site and guests. Be sure to read the Q & A section found at the top of the page in the site tabs section.
2. Make sure that you attend to meet n greet at the Marriott as its a great way to meet others before the costumes go on.
3.A lot of people decorate their rooms. Plus they set up mini bars, attach a sign with their screen names etc..on the outside of their room and hold their own meet n greets.
4. This is one is very hard to do and many have been guilty of it including me, Mr. DP. lol But the energy of this event is intense and you just want to PARTY!!! But its hard to start drinking at 3pm, forget to eat and by midnight you have no idea where you are, how you came to be wearing that costume and you are passed out by 12:15am. The Halloween party is a marathon day so pace, pace, pace.
5. Oh and this is a good one. No costume is to wild. You always see those wild costumes but know you would not wear them at your friends or families halloween parties. But this is the DesirousParty Halloween party and its a night of Costumed Erotica!!! So prepare to have some fun.

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