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Mar 28, 2012 9:02 PM (11+ Years)
Well, a few of us have tried MisterEncore's Vigromax and Balance 45 male enhancement products and I wonder if anyone has had the great response that others and I have had.
I have ceased using prescription products since I was told about the MrEncore products over a year ago because I hate the side affects of headache, severe nasal stuffiness, really bad muscle spasm in my neck and back (who wants sex if you have those) and a general bad feeling the drugs give me the next day.

Both Vigromax and Balance 45 give me all the "good" and none of the bad. Mrs. Rebelspirits loves them and insisted I start telling folks about them instead of keeping them to myself. If you have an opinion I would enjoy seeing a post. So far our feedback has been very positive. We have heard back from guys of all ages from early thirties to late sixties. It has been said by the older guys that they are restored to their prior youthful performance and the younger guys expound of their superhero status...whatever that means, LOL. Give me a post if you have any experience.
Mar 21, 2012 9:28 PM (11+ Years)
We are working on a rather dramatic duo of new prosducts. They are in clinical testing. One is a very smooth, but potent, 5-day mens product, great for one of DPs take over or just an extended weekend of getting your freak on. We don't have a name for it or a price for it yet. We will keep you posted.  The other is the most amazing product we have ever developed and will represent the women finally getting their just rewards in the arousal arena. It is a cream/gel and according to the clinical trials the guy who offers this to his girl(s) had better be sure that he is prepared. Be careful what you ask for. It's name, we hear, will be "Screamer". Now, that's what were talkin' about!
MisterEncore Inside info
Mar 17, 2012 1:27 PM (11+ Years)
Well, I hesitate to reply to this thread for fear of seeming mercenary, as we have recently launched

our online site (www.MrEncore.com) for nutritional sexual-wellness. and performance. (Hey, cut-to-the-

chase: they get u up, off and maintain you well for a long time). What we know as physicians and

scientists who study the subject is that potency and endurance in the bedroom is really only an

indicator of overall wellness, which largely relies upon the vascular system to work properly when

coupled with proper hormonal balance. Below is a question and answer with a friend of ours who inquired

privately this week with us. This might provide insight to this thread and toward some folks solutions

with regard to sexual performance. If this seems like an "advertisement" then so be it, but is the best

I can do to be candid about several years of R and D in the field and personal experience with such

issues. These products are available online and inexpensively compared to the pharmaceuticals.
"Q: Thanks for the info on those products. I have tried so many of these products over the years with

few results. It sounds like you are more sure about these . How do I  obtain the product? I wouldn't

mind trying them. Doc, it sounds like you were in on the development of these? Would love to hear your

personal experience. (name source protected for privacy)
 A: The science of male sexual performance shows that there are physiological fundamentals that are

paramount for erectile function. That said,  the psychological can trump the best physiology. Also,

alcohol and recreational drugs such as meth, x and coke can torpedo male performance rapidly.
The physiological fundamental begin with a testosterone level of 600 or above and don't just accept

your doc saying, oh, you are normal. Not good enough. You need to consult with a certified anti-aging

physician.  You have to "be"30 hormonally. With the system we have developed, we have traced the common

denominators of function at the 25 age level to, not only having a test level of 600, but a vascular

system of a 25 year old. Finally, balancing the function of hormones with vascular toners and cleansers

and other components are the key to perfect function.  I have used most of the junk out there, as well

as the prescription products with various results. Now, my function is usually pretty good anyway but,

I have to admit, I have begun to fade a bit. I am now62.
My partner in these products is a 73 year-old cardiothoracic surgeon from Cali who invented or

significantly tweaked the all of products we sell.  The base of the functional "pyramid" is to have

normal testosterone and other hormone levels. We can test you for those remotely by your ordering a

test kit and mailing your samples off to us. In a few days we will have your results and will be able

to determine if you need hormonal supplementation.
Next, is assuring optimal plumbing and I accomplish that by taking twice a day, Vasculex, a powerful

anti-oxidant and coagulation modifier that opens up blood flow and make the valves  of the vessels that

cause erection to function properly. Leaky or stiff valves affect the firmness and size of the

Finally, optimizing hormonal balance occurs via a proprietary blend of highly extracted nutritionals

and herbs that have been perfected and tested in clinical conditions. They include two other premier

products, Balance 45, to be taken M W  Sat adding the true turbo-power, Vigro Max, on Tuesday and

Thursday for thick rock-hard erections that last all night,.
Though I don't always follow this regimen, this is the ideal way. It works for me and you can validate  

it with Dianne. I can take the capsules independently and still get a great result.  She's told others

she now no longer is constantly looking for the 25year-old sex athlete she used to have. He is back.

LOL. She told me to not even bother if I not on the regimen!  Whoa!  Guess I'd better stick with it,

MrEncore.com products work! I've been using them for well over a year.

Feb 28, 2012 4:04 PM (12+ Years)
Here is the quick link taking you directly to the Mister Encore site.  I have been off the Balance 45 for several days now. As I wanted to make sure that my revelations over the last week were just not me. But nope it was the Balance 45 as the sexual enhancement, appetite and mood was definitely attributed to the Mister Encore product. So its definitely worth a try. If you are heading out on a lifestyle group trip, party, after party etc... then make a little extra room in your luggage for this.
Feb 26, 2012 8:17 PM (12+ Years)

Along with fitness, sexual fitness is all part of the game. If you are a member or guest of the site, everyone likes that extra spark in the bedroom.The importance of maintaining our youthful sexual vitality, i.e. sex drive,stamina, fullness, including size and can be affected by stress, low testosterone,lack of quality sleep or any number of reasons as part of daily life. If this subject was not important, why would we be bombarded daily with sexual enhancement products in our email and on TV.

Well, we were contacted about a product line of male hormonal enhancement products on a website called MisterEncore.com. In regards to them advertising and sponsoring a few events.  I was told that it was all natural, no pharmaceutical drugs in the formula and created by a cardiovascular surgeon and nutritional formulator. There have been clinical trials and practitioners have endorsed it. So, I requested a few samples to validate the claims, as I did not want something represented on our site that did not work.

I also sat down with one of the doctors and he explained the products and let me review the site. I learned quite a bit and the site was very informative. There are two products for men and two for women. The men's products are Balance 45 and Vigromax.

It was explained to me that Balance 45 should be taken two or three times a week and keeps you primed and ready for sexual activity. I was advised to take it every three days.  This was different than other male enhancements I have taken and I liked the idea of not having to pop a pill and prepare ahead of time.

First,a little about me, in case you are reading this and have never met me. I love to exercise. I stay very active and follow a pretty decent diet. I don't have any problems in the bedroom and have never considered taking a product, as, to me, everything is okay. But, like most men, if you can improve yourself and add an extra zip in the bedroom and regain that youthful stamina, why not give it a try?

So, I decided to try the Balance 45 first and took my first pill late in the afternoon. To be honest, I really didn't notice anything. Meaning, I did not feel any different and sex that night was great, but no different. Well, after waking the next day that all changed. I noticed that I was sexually aroused a little more and a slight touch from my wife cause me to get a rock hard erection. This was all fine and good but when she was just messing with me as we walked into the gym well you get the picture!LOL! Over the next two days our sex was definitely amped up as the stamina was greatly increased. It wasn't a slight difference but a big difference;something that both my wife and I noticed.

I was pleasantly shocked and glad that something actually worked as advertised and this was only on the first pill. So, I took the second  Balance 45 on day three and the past week has been great. I was excited when I called the doctor back and said that he could definitely advertise the Mister Encore site on Desirous Party. This is going to make a great addition for those who like to play in the Lifestyle, as this is a perfect product for it. Now, I haven't added the Vigromax to the lineup yet, as I have honestly not needed to;Balance 45 has worked wonders. But I plan to very soon, just so I can try it asI can only imagine what the addition will do. Ill keep you posted!

In summary, I highly recommend that the guys give the products a try as I experienced an amped-up libido, increased sex drive, and stamina that included some marathon sex sessions.  I am always hesitant to believe these claims but we both realized my increased size and rock-hardness; both had my wife smiling.  LOL!  In fact, and, I quote her, "Oh shit"! LOL!

We are talking to MisterEncore.com reps about coming out to a few events and handing out some samples. Whether you think you need such a product or not you should give it a try and amp-up the bedroom or the party scene. As again this is what it's all about.

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