SwingaLicious- Bass, Boobs, Beats Video 59 Lifestyle Couples Parties and Resorts

SwingaLicious is the newest signature Lifestyle group trip produced by DesirousParty under the Dirty Vibes brand.  SwingaLicious premieres as a racy, electrifying, fun springtime music-fest style event. “Swinga”……the act or experience of being sexually open & uninhibited.  "Licious”…...someone that is delectable or extremely alluring  “SwingaLicious”……elevating wanderlust to a cutting-edge, unrestrained, deeply erotic level. SwingaLicous makes its debut as a full takeover of Secrets Hideaway Resort & Spa.  Soak in the Florida sun where the adventurous, provocative, & sultry “come” together to party & play in style.  Catered toward open-minded couples & single ladies, guests will be indulged with topless optional day & night pool parties, racy nighttime club parties, and dirty disco theme nights. As with every DesirousParty production, event guests can expect the signature Bass, Boobs, Beats experience of headline DJs spinning the hottest music for the upscale, sophisticated, & sexy to savor. SwingaLicious is a total takeover done Dirty Vibes style. SwingaLicious connects the best of two worlds by satisfying your craving to explore new places while also exploring erotic friends in the Lifestyle. Lifestyle Couples Parties and Resorts Video

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