Hall Pass 2016 at Ritz Ultra Lounge Public NightClub Houston Texas

Photos from Hall Pass 2016 at Ritz Ultra Lounge. Ritz Ultra Lounge is a Public NightClub located in Houston Texas.

DesirousParty.com presented our 8th annual Play-Bor Day Weekend of fun over Labor Day weekend. Hall Pass was our theme and saluted all the fun aspects of school. Which is skipping, playing and the ever present sexy naughty school girl. Beautiful people gathering together for a holiday that encompasses what we wish school was all about, partying.

The party started with a day time pool party at the DoubleTree and then we took the crowd to the Ritz Ultra Lounge for the Naughty School Girl mainevent. Sins Group sponsored the foam pool party so we greatly appreciate it as that was a highlite. Huge thanks to all the dj's, ShutterShock photography and Dylan Duval photography. Plus a huge thanks to everyone who came out as once again we had a very sexy crowd for our annual Hall Pass event. 

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