Xperience4U.com - Everyone Gets Screwed

Sat, Sep 10, 2022 9:00 PM - 4:00 AM
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colette Houston
1319 Cypress Creek Pkwy (FM 1960 W) Suite 190
Houston, Texas 77090, United States
SmokingAlcoholOn Premise
Allowed OutsideBYOBYes
Event Information

Another hot and sexy Xperience4u.com event is happening on September 10th - Everyone Gets Screwed!  The theme is construction. So, think tool belts, hard hats, construction vest, caution tape, etc. Be creative & sexy!

Men get the bolts…Women get the nuts:
Xperience4u will be handing out a Bolt to each guy and a Nut to each girl who wish to participate. Walk around the room and mingle while trying to find the nut/bolt that matches with yours. You may have multiples matches in the room. When you make a match, you both go to the Xperience4u Hosts and get a door prize ticket for a chance to win prizes.

Tickets will be drawn a midnight for the door prizes

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