Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend- 2013 Video 5 Lifestyle Couples Parties and Resorts

This is a highlight video of the 8th annual Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, party weekend that occurred in 2013. What is Purgatory party weekend? It is a  mid-summer, high-energy, sexy event encompassing multiple parties  over two days & nights. We had nine dj's, two pool parties, 175+ room group block at hotel,  after-parties and the main event held in the Grand Ballroom. It's the ultimate summer of fun party weekend where you d ress the way that little voice on your shoulder tells you to. W hether you dress as a sexy angel, a nymph, naughty devil or maybe that flirty fairy. This party pulled couples from all across the U.S. as it does every year. Which always creates a sexy and oh so HOT weekend.  Lifestyle Couples Parties and Resorts Video

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