Winter White Desirous at Cover Girls Lounge Public NightClub Houston Texas

Photos from Winter White Desirous at Cover Girls Lounge. Cover Girls Lounge is a Public NightClub located in Houston Texas. hosted our annual Winter White Party. This we introduced our new venue to the party crowd. Cover Girls Lounge is a large multi room venue with two bars, three dance stages and lounge seating everywhere. Lots of new faces in the crowd for this ever popular annual party. Over 180 people were in attendance and to say the crowd was attractive and alluring would be a major understatement. So many new faces were in the crowd coming out to see just what a Desirous Party event was about. Dj  M.E. had the crowd moving where ever they stood. Thank you to all the new and familiar faces in the crowd whom always come out to support and represent Dp to the ultimate.   

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