Halloween Erotica Ball- 19th Annual Video 60 Lifestyle Couples Parties and Resorts

  The 19th annual Halloween Erotica Ball was a year unlike any other. Over 1400 people attended the two-night Halloween festivities. This complete Houston hotel takeover always lures in the sexiest crowd nationwide. A costumed Halloween erotica and stimulating adult fun where you can leave your inhibitions at the door. Pushing the limits of your imagination; nothing is too wild or too mild for this Houston Halloween party.   Plus for the first time in our 19-year history. We created and welcomed in the brand new theme, Freakshow. Which kicked off the first night of this infamous party weekend.  Huge thanks to DSAN4k for capturing the video party action and creating this high-energy yet uniquely different party that DesirousParty.com is known for. See you at the 20th annual for another two-night hotel takeover.  Lifestyle Couples Parties and Resorts Video

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