CosPlay Erotica Video 15 Lifestyle Couples Parties and Resorts presented CosPlay Erotica at the Ritz Ultra Lounge for a full venue takeover.  With guests dj's Omaar, One Eight Seven and Lizzie Curious. This was DesirousParty's newest costume affair. A Spring time costume party where you picked your or created your own character modeled after a movie, game, book or just get creative.  A night of CosPlay theme attire where your imagination ran wild. There was no limits to how much or how little you wore as you can tell from the video.  Thanks to everyone who attended our first CosPlay Erotica. Plus a huge thanks to ShutterShock, Dylan Duval Photography and TexaCali Studios for capturing the night.  Last a big thank you to one eight seven for doing the mix for this video. Tremendous energy on a very erotic night for our first annual event.   Lifestyle Couples Parties and Resorts Video

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