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TRYST - Temptation Tower Takeover- by Dirty Vibes TRYST Party Cruise

Feb 27, 2020 6:11 PM (3+ Years)

Party Catamaran- April 30th...Lots of questions on this years party cruise. We have chartered the same 65ft. catamaran that we used last year. This boat is huge with plenty of shade and large canvas nets to lay out on as well. We are bringing on board our own top shelf liquor an some or all of our headline dj's will be spinning. Cruise is topless optional. Music, dancing and cruising the beautiful azul waters. So eat breakfast before hand if you wish. We will have chips, quacamole, salsa etc.. to snack on as well. Cost is $160/couple or $80 per single female. 25 couples already booked so we have 25 couple tickets left. You must have booked thru Right Connections Travel as this is a TRYST group party cruise. What does the boat look like. Last years party cruise was captured on our highlight video. Just click the TRYST flier and video is on the page. You must call 855-337-4768 to book. After booking you will receive a confirmation email with all the party cruise details.


Feb 22, 2020 12:29 PM (3+ Years)

If you booked directly thru Rght Connections Travel for TRYST. We have released the party catamaran party cruise tickets. Available to the first 50 couples. After seven days  we will open it to those who purchased TRYST party tickets. If we sell out and there is more interest. We will look into renting a second party catmaran to anchor up together for one big party on the water. 855 337 4768 to purchase tickets. 

Feb 9, 2020 9:15 PM (3+ Years)

We are finalizing final details and should be releasing tomorrow hopefully. 

Feb 7, 2020 3:13 PM (3+ Years)

We are interested in signing up for party cruise how do we go about signing up thanks

Nov 23, 2019 12:18 PM (3+ Years)

Many have asked and yes we are working on hosting another group party cruise while at Temptation. First and foremost we are not competing with the infamous boobs cruise that the resort does weekly. The TRYST party boat is strictly for guests who are booked into our group block and not  offered to those outside our group. The boat will be topless optional, our headilne dj's will be spinning and we will offer a premium open bar for our boat guests. Meaning top shelf vodka, rum, tequila and beer. No rot gut liquor that will have you regretting that experience. We are also looking at adding a stop at Isla Mujeres to grab a bite to eat and hit up a bar there as well.

But this will be a party cruise full of sexy bodies, great music, dancing and a stop or two for everyone to jump in the water as well. Some like it and the other weekly boobs cruise offers it. But we give the microphone to the dj's, no YMCA games etc....Just great music, energy and it's a party cruise and thats what we do from start to finish. Plus the cruise is only open to our group so great way to contine to mix n mingle, get to know everyone and continue to amp up the trip. 

As we finalize everything we will update this forum. Tickets will be offered in mid January and again only open to those who have booked with RCT into our TRYST group. 


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