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THRIVE- Spring Break 2022 at Temptation Resort THRIVE Post Trip Comments

Apr 5, 2022 10:47 AM (1+ Months)

On behalf of DesirousParty.com, DirtyVibes.com and DesirousPartyVacations.com we thank you to everyone who attended THRIVE. It was an incredible high energy sexy group of real people. We had guests attend from practially every state in the U.S. as well as Canada. Friends reconnected with old friends and strangers met new life long friends as well. It was summed up best as we watched the energy created by this event. "It's a Vibe and it's Dirty. You can't understand it as you have to feel it. Which makes for incredible Dirty Vibes"

People who have attended Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, talk about this vibe that is created by the people, the artists and the venue. Well THRIVE rivaled that and we say a huge thank you to all the guests who attended. Amazing times and here are just a few of their post trip comments to us. 

  • Cancun! We were excited to get away and excited to come home. Another awesome Desirous Party event. Thank you so much Dp Matlock and Jen N Alex L! See you all at Purgatory
  • Thank you Dp Matlock and Jen N Alex L for this party in paradise THRIVE 2022 Temptation Resort and Spa Cancun.  I appreciate all that went into it
  • David Dp Matlock & Jen N Alex L

    WOW!!!!! What an amazing week. You guys completely outdid yourselves. You guys somehow find a way to keep making each event better than the previous. And to finish off with what has to be one of the best 7hrs of music by Scotty Boy, Mike Drop, Drums of the Sun - Louis Dee & Neel Majumdar, then TJ Yokai Wiler to close it out to a packed dance floor. “Holy Fuck….Drums of the Sun, what an insane set” was the most said comment on closing night. And never have i felt so special than when you guys brought out hot girls on stilts so i could eat ass and dance at the same time, now that is what i call going the extra mile #RMEA. Now time to go give my body a tune-up and start getting ready for Purgatory in 14 short weeks.

  • We had the BEST time with the Thrive group! Soooo much dancing and amazing music! (Drums of the sun....we danced our hearts out! ) Thanks to all who put it on and made it such a fun trip

  • You all truly brought the vibe to a new level. What an absolutely insane trip

  • Much love from iCandy and the incredible work you put into this weekend! You definitely set the bar high and we were blown away! Looking forward to many more events in the future with Desirous 
  • THRIVE night 2 ..sexiest group of people this hotel has seen in a very long time...on to night 3

  • Thrive doing it in style with all these sexy people.
  • It was such an incredible vibe all week! Thank you to each and everyone of YOU!
  • Much love from iCandy and the incredible work you put into this weekend! You definitely set the bar high and we were blown away! Looking forward to many more events in the future with Desirous  
  • Thank you guys for making all this magic happen! And can’t wait for Deviant 2022
  • First class sexy event and every year it’s better and better. Thank you it’s been and AMAZING week 
  • This has been a phenomenal experience! We definitely will be coming every year!
  • Great party and crowd as usual! Y’all continue to raise the bar. Great job!
  • Just a tremendous event....unbelievably sexy with good hearted real people
  • Had the best time EVER! Thank you for throwing the most epic event! Can’t wait until next one!! 
  • Great trip, great friends and an amazing vibe all week! Thank you to Dirty Vibes for this incredible week in Cancun 
  • It was my First Thrive trip but Definitely won’t be my last!! Loved every minute!! What AMAZING group of people!
  • We had the best time!!! The music was amazing and we had a blast with everyone!!! We can’t wait until next year!
  • We had the best time! Music was insanely amazing. Drums of the Sun killed it! So did Scottyboy. We will be joining again. All music was on point!

  • I’m so happy we got to be part of this.. was a blast

  • Thrive 2022- We’ve been to Temptation Resort many times and this was by far our favorite trip. Great DJs, themes, memories & new friends. Dp Matlock & Jen N Alex L thanks for another amazing event.

  • What can I say, Thrive 2022 Did Not Disappoint!! I luv Temptation Resort but the Thrive event made it that much better!!! Had some Amazing DJs, Awesome Themes and Great people!! I appreciate Dp Matlock & Jen N Alex L for putting it all together!! You couldn’t have done it any Better!!

  • To say we had a blast at Thrive would be an understatement. Thanks Dp Matlock Jen N Alex L and everyone else for putting on such a great event. And thanks to all our awesome friends both old and new for all the memories. We cannot wait for the next one!!

  • Thrive at Temptations in Cancun was amazing! Take us back! Loved seeing everyone and connecting with new and old friends! We cannot wait until next year. Find your tribe and love them hard

  • Wow, such an incredible crowd to match the fantastic Event production. There were so many beautiful moments captured that at the end of the day, I totaled about 380 Gigs of Thrive footage.


    Audience Engagement: 10/10

    Event Production: 10/10

    Vibe: 10/10

    Turn Up Level: Max

    Special Thanks to Dp Matlock and Jen N Alex L for their consideration, and stay tuned for the post-Thrive Event Video.






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