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14th annual Halloween Erotica Ball Reserved Table Bottle Service-Halloween Erotica Ball

Oct 11, 2017 5:39 PM (10+ Months)

For reserved table bottle service please email info@desirousparty.com

All vodka brands are $225 plus state alcohol tax. Crown Royal, Rums, Jack Daniels, etc... are $250 plus state tax. Tequila starts off at $300 plus state tax. That price is for Patron. 

Reserved Table Areas-

  • Front Room- Limited Availability - Looks into Main room- top 40, hip hop, old school, dance remixes etc...
  • Main Room- Sold Out- Dj Omaar
  • Sports Lounge- Availability- just off the main room and a bit quieter but close to the action
  • 2nd Level Ultra Lounge- Limited Availability- Donald Glaude headliner in this area. Top 40, EDM, House, old school mashes etc...
  • PalaPa Bar- outside area for smoking, table set up etc...- Dj Jeff H spinning
Oct 21, 2017 1:58 PM (10+ Months)

We have limited availability left for reserved table bottle service. 

  • Front Room- Limited
  • Sports Lounge- Limited
  • Ultra Lounge- Limited. 
  • Main Room- Sold Out

Please email info@desirousparty.com for more information.

Oct 24, 2017 5:30 PM (9+ Months)

Our new sponsor Besada Tequila will be on hand at the Halloween Erotica Ball with a step n repeat photo backdrop. Plus a discounted bottle price of $250 versus the normal $300 and up tequila prices. What is Besada Tequila?

A platinum tequila that is erotically infused with ginseng, maca, and damiana. A tequila defined as bold and exotic smooth. A crisp agave flavor with hints of citrus. 

Besada tequila is incased in a gorgeous bottle with a romantically sculptured cap. It draws your attention and begs to be tasted. Best served chilled, on the rocks or in your favorite top shelf margaria. 

The most important part of Besada is that it is erotically infused with the three ingrediants. Ingrediants with the female patron in mind. 

  • Ginseng-  Research has found it has health benefits for women toward improved sexual arousal and function. 
  • Maca- research has found that maca helps improve sexual mood, function and may act as a aphrodisiac in females. 
  • Damiana- a mexican herb that has been used for centuries. Known for increased libido and stamina in women as well as men and acts as a aphrodisiac. 

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