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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Party Weekend 2018 Purgatory Welcome Letter

Jul 6, 2018 6:31 PM (7+ Months)

If you are attending Purgatory then you will receive this letter from the hotel front desk. Some misplace it, some dont read it (lol) but we also like to post it ahead of time. We like to keep everyone informed, educated and ready for the weekend. As it lessens the stress and amps up the partycation. 

13th Annual Purgatory Party Weekend


Your hosts with DesirousParty.com would like to welcome you and say thank you for joining us at the  DoubleTree for what has become an epic party weekend. You may purchase and or pick up your wristbands at any event starting at 4pm on Thursday at the Moody (Heavenly House) Ballroom.

You must have a drink ticket to purchase drinks at the bar at the pool bar, Heavenly House or Purgatory Grand Ballrooms. Drink tickets, cash, c.c. or charge to the room in Sundance Lounge. Drink ticket cashiers are centralized in the Esplanade all weekend long for all events.

No outside drinks/thermal cups, water bottles, food etc.. allowed into the event areas.

***No drinks of any sorts can be brought into the pool area. You may leave the pool area with a drink but it must be empty to return. Even if you bought it at the pool bar. As there is no way for security to keep up with so many people on who had what. No backpacks, bags, etc in event areas.

 Please note the pool is only open during the pool party hours. Please see below for schedule. The pool area will be under maintenance (heavy shocking) in the off hours.


  • Shackty's Pleasure Box Adult Boutique will be set up in the main esplanade next to NetherWorld Lounge bar all weekend long for your shopping needs. See Itinerary for times.
  • Marika Tekila will also be set up with her bejeweled captain hats that are all the rage.
  • IV Bar's info will be on hand (event desk) if you would like to schedule a vitamin cocktail  treatment.
  • Right Connections Travel will be setup giving out information for the April 2019 Wild On.....Dirty Vibes Temptation Tower Takeover at Temptation Resort.


 Ladies, due to state TABC laws and the City of Houston you may not be topless in the pool. This includes pasties only. A top (even sheer) must be worn over the pasties in the pool. So itsy bitsy is fine but please keep all appropriate areas covered while in public, as well as when roaming the halls, elevators etc.. Please be courteous to hotel staff and be properly clothed. However, what you wear or do not wear behind closed doors is to your own enjoyment. For the night events we realize risqué is the theme. Pasties only are okay as well as skimpy attire. We will have a coat check set up outside the grand ballroom. So please be covered up until you get into the event areas. We will have black curtains set up to separate the lobby and events areas.

Once again your hosts with DesirousParty.com thank you  for joining us at what has become a nationwide event for the upscale, sophisticated and sexy to meet in Houston for a weekend of fun every year.  If you have any questions our staff will be happy to assist you. Now let's make some incredible memories this weekend and welcome to Houston.

Purgatory Weekend Itinerary


  • 230pm- Check In at Hotel for Guests who booked all 3 nights for Purgatory.
  • 4pm- 3 Day Weekend Wristbands may be picked up. Desk will be set up outside Heavenly House Ballroom (Moody Ballroom).
  • 5pm-7pm- Pre Party Mixer sponsored by Craziers FB Group. Held at the Heavenly House Ballroom (Moody Ballroom)- cash/cc bar set up for guests- 3 day Weekend Wristbands Also Issued at this event.
  • 8:30pm- Pool opens with a full Cash/C.C. Bar- see Door Staff for 3 day wristbands.
  • 9:00pm-2am- Heavenly Glow Pool Party- Just Glow-UV Cannons will be set up, Lasers, etc...
  • 9pm-1130- Dj Jumbii
  • 1130pm-2am- Lavelle Dupree
  • 2am-? After parties on all Purgatory group floors (not hosted by Dp)


  • Noon- Cash Bar at Pool opens
  • Noon-10pm- Shackty's Pleasure Box Boutique opens
  • 1230pm-630pm-Dj Stage opens-
  • 1230pm- Event VIP Wristband Pick Up-Pool Entrance near Sundance Lounge
  • 1230pm-2pm- Dj Willy Nice
  • 2p-330p- Dropcap
  • 330pm-430p- Lizzie Curious
  • 430pm-630pm- Moe Green
  • 2pm- Hotel Check in Starts for Friday guests
  • 8pm-2am- Netherworld bar opens in Esplanade for mixing and mingling
  • 8pm-915pm- Dj Willy Nice- spinning at Netherworld Bar in Esplanade
  • 9pm-2am "Heavenly Dreams" Lingerie- both ballroms
  • 9pm-2am- Heavenly House Ballroom- (edm, electro house, house remixes)-
  • 9p-11p- Dropcap
  • 11p-1230p- Jumbii
  • 1230am-2am- One Eight Seven
  • 9pm-2am- Purgatory Grand Ballroom- (top 40, dance remixes, old school)
  • 930p-1130pm- Dj Omaar
  • 1130pm-2am- Moe Green
  • 2am-? Private (not hosted) After Parties start in group block rooms on Tower and Cabana side.


  • Noon-Pool opens w/ cash, c.c. pool side bar
  • 1230pm-2pm- One Eight Seven
  • 2pm-4pm- Scottyboy
  • 4pm-530pm- Lizzie Curious
  • 530pm-7pm- Jenny Disko
  • Noon-10pm- Shackty's Pleasure Box Boutique Opens
  • 8pm-2am NetherWorld Esplanade Lounge Bar Opens- Meeting ground between the two ballrooms.
  • 8pm-915pm- Dj TBA spinning at NetherWorld Bar
  • 9pm- 2am Purgatory "Middle Earth" Party (angels, devils, nymphs, fairies, unicorns...)
  • 9pm-2am-Purgatory Grand Ballroom (top 40, old school, remixes, dance)
  • 900pm-1030pm- Dj Willy Nice
  • 1030pm-Midnight- Moe Green
  • Midnight-2am- ShadowRed
  • 930pm-2am- Heavenly House Ballroom (edm, electro house, house remixes)
  • 930pm-1130- Keith Christopher
  • 1130p-2am- ScottyBoy
  • 2am- ? Private (not hosted) After Parties start





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