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Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Party Weekend 2018 Purgatory Party Tips

Jun 13, 2018 7:02 PM (8+ Months)

Two of our host couples started a Purgatory suggestion topic with tips to make the weekend fun and answer a few questions from first time guests. Others chimed in and we are posting for everyone to read as there is some great idea. 

Hey there all you sexy peeps! We promised more purgatory survival tips for all the newcomers and with only a month to go, we figured it was time! So, we wanted to put together some suggestions for the pool side days. Purgatory veterns, please feel free to suggest other tips you’ve learned over the years! Remember, that ladies have to have their nipples covered, itty bitty bikinis are ok with the hotel...and encouraged by me But, if you are wearing a see through top please wear pasties.

A lot of the ladies bring multiple bikinis, I love doing some outfit changes...it’s a great excuse to cool off in the AC and reapply sunblock. The bar right off the pool is a great place to grab a bite and cool off too. Houston is ridiculous hot in July.

Also, don’t forget to drink water, like is said it’s hot out and we want to party with y’all in the day and at night!

Followed by some other great suggestions from Purgatory party veterans. 

Waterproof mascara even if you don't plan on swimming. It's hella hot in Houston in July.

Summer Tip #1 Drink water. Summer Tip #2 Vodka is made of water!

Add Drip Drop or Pedialyte to your drinks for flavor. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!

As we get more suggestions we will post them and or our members can add. 

Please remember no outside food or drink inside the event areas. This means no insulated cups, coolers, backpacks etc.....No camelbacks either as our security officers arent going to taste test and discover the vodka challenge. lol 

Jun 21, 2018 7:38 AM (8+ Months)

It is the purgatory countdown and here are more tips. The hotel has a decent restaurant and bar that has good snack foods. Room service runs til midnight. All rooms have a refrigerator so this can be used to store snacks or prepped foods. Ice chests and igloos are good too, especially for ice... the ice machines can only work so hard. You can bring your own alcohol but this is for room partying or hopping only. You can buy drink tickets and use those for poolside, esplanade bar and the two ballrooms. Drink tickets can be bought with cash, c.c. or you can bill to your room.  

Jun 24, 2018 1:37 PM (7+ Months)

Theme Nights 


  • Thursday Night Theme- Heavenly White (Glow) Pool Party- yes this is our White night. But with doing it at the pool for a night time party. All colors that glow are perfectly fine. We will have huge uv cannons, lasers etc... so just glow.
  • Friday Night Theme- Heavenly Dreams- Lingerie- Both Ballrooms- as the name implies this is our Heavenly Dreams Lingerie party. So ladies whatever color meets your desire please wear it. Gentleman dress to impress or embrace the theme as well in your own way. Just dont come nude. lol 
  • Saturday Night Theme- Purgatory-Nymphs, Fairies, Angels, Devils, let your mind go wild-Both Ballrooms- this is your own interpretation of Purgatory. So get creative as all forms are in Purgatory. 

......Please Note: itsy bitsy is perfectly fine for this event. However while in the lobby, elevators etc... please cover up if its to revealing (thongs, see thru tops, short skirts, etc...). We will have black curtains set up as you enter the event areas. In those areas revealing is perfectly fine. While the hotel is sold out, other than two floors for airline crews. Being so close to the airport, we do have  families stumbling into the lobby looking for a last minute hotel room as flights get cancelled. We try to prevent it but it does happen. So for the privacy/respect of everyone just be covered up in the lobby/elevator areas. As the hotel staff goes above and beyond for all of us. But we still need to respect them as well. So no sexual foreplay, etc... in public areas. Please take that to the room. As what goes on behind closed doors is to everyones own enjoyment. 

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