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Purgatory Heaven & HellĀ® 2023 Purgatory Heaven & Hell 2023 Party Information

May 25, 2023 11:01 AM (4+ Months)

Friendly reminder that ticket prices increase on June 1st. So grab them before ticket prices increase.

Also please remember that if you are staying at the host hotel. On June 13th the hotel will charge your remaining room balance to your c.c. on file. For any questions please email michele.moura@hilton.com

This is only for Doubletree hotel guests. This does not affect our secondary host hotel, Sheraton, guests. 

May 17, 2023 10:17 AM (4+ Months)

Just a reminder to everyone who has booked the Doubletree host hotel. On June 13th the hotel will start charging all guest's c.c.'s on file the remainder two night balance. If you need to cancel please do so before June 13th. 

For those on the stand by waiting list. This will be your best chance to get a room at the host hotel. 

Mar 14, 2023 1:27 PM (6+ Months)

The Purgatory host hotel is now Sold Out four months prior to the Purgatory escapades. But do not worry as we have a huge overflow group block at the Sheraton N. Houston hotel for all nights. Plus free 24/7 shuttle service between the two hotels. Sheraton is directly across the street from the Doubletree. Last year over1600 attended this four day event. So we are actively mapping out this year. New stage brand, Damn Virgins and so much more. Hotel link and discounted pre sale tickets are still available on the sites. 

Feb 27, 2023 1:52 PM (7+ Months)

Purgatory 2023 Update: Last 2 days to get the early bird discounted pre sale tickets. Ticket prices increase at noon on March 1st. Also the host hotel has 28 rooms left before it is sold out. Just a reminder that we kick off Purgatory 2023 on Wednesday, July 12th with a mid afternoon pool party and then that night with the brand new theme, Wicked Eden on all stages.
Also artist Bdubs has been added to the lineup. He will be a great addition to the Damn Virgins stage.

Dec 19, 2022 11:08 AM (9+ Months)

DesirousParty.com presents the 18th Annual Purgatory Heaven & Hell® Weekend. 

Over 4 nights and 4 days, pool parties by day, tantalizing theme parties by night, pre party mixers, after parties and more than 13 renowned DJs for the 18th annual Purgatory weekend. For the third year we start the festivities on Wednesday night for 4 full nights of parties. This year we start off Wednesday, July 12th with a mid afternoon pool party. Then that night with a brand new theme, Wicked Eden!  

Event Information:

It’s time to let the summer seduce you at DesirousParty.com’s Purgatory Heaven & Hell weekend. Houston will be the meeting ground for some of the hottest couples and single females from across the world. A mid-summer, high-energy, sexy event encompassing multiple parties over four days & nights.

Purgatory Weekend Amenities 

  • 300 plus rooms at host hotel, DoubleTree IAH- for guests staying 3 or more nights (Thursday-Sunday is mandotory to stay at DoubleTree IAH)
  • Sheraton N. Houston for guests staying less than three nights. Sheraton will be a huge group block from the top floor down. Over 200 rooms have been reserved for Purgatory guests. 
  • Hotel Takeover Party Weekend- all four main nights of Purgatory at the DoubleTree IAH Hotel.  
  • Free Airport Shuttle from George Bush Airport (Intercontinental) for both hotels
  • Featuring Dj's from across the U.S.
  • Wednesday mid afternoon pool party (new pool party this year)-Represent the state you are from,i.e... hats, shirts, bikinis, etc...get creative
  • Wednesday Night- Wicked Eden (new theme this year)- Where it all begins in Purgatory 2023. The beginning of good versus naughty.....
  • Thursday Pool Party - theme T.B.A.
  • Thursday Night's Theme- Electric Inferno- a Netherword of Self Expression
  • Friday daytime Pool PartyRed, White, Blue and You.. hats, shirts, swimsuits
  • Friday Night'sTheme- Heavenly White (glow)- an all white affair or if you wish.....Glow Party- just glow and pick all neon fashions and accessories.
  • Saturday daytime Pool Party- Shiny Disco Balls- a day of shiny metallic colors and bling.
  • Saturday Night'sTheme- Purgatory Heaven & Hell®-Nymphs, Fairies, Angels, Devils, let your imagination go wild- 
  • Sexy Nationwide guest list
  • A 4 day Weekend that will tease your Imaginations
  • 4 night time themed events and four daytime pool parties- Sexy Miami Style-
  • Cash/Credit bars w/ discounted drink prices for Purgatory Hotel Guests all weekend long
  • Nether World Speak Easy Lounge Bar at end of Event Foyer- Great Mix n Mingle Location 
  • Adult Boutiques in Esplanade for Purgatory Guests

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