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Feb 10, 2017 5:42 AM (1+ Years)

We're ROCKING AND ROLLING already, and gaining more steam every weekend ... for instance, Valentines is going to be PACKED on Saturday night, but we're young and dumb and hungry ...

OK .. maybe we're just hungry ... whatever.

So we're thinking of different items or attractions, or additions we'd like in the NEW LOCATION of The FRIENDS Club and we thought we'd post a suggesttion zone here.

1st up is "Porn Theatre" in the club ???  Yay or Nay ?  We (personally) don't think there is enough of a reason to set up a room with porn playing and couches lined up for viewing, but we've seen a couple of clubs highlighting this as a feature.


What say you ???


Next ... ummm ... you tell us !!!

What do you LOVE the most at your favorite club?

What do you think would be amazing to have at a club?

What do you EXPECT at every club ?

Beuller ???


MArk and Adrian



(512) 251-1199

Feb 10, 2017 6:58 PM (1+ Years)

I think the porn room attracts a lot of first time guests. It helps break the ice and there are quite a few couples who think that watching porn together is wild and crazy. I have also seen the porn room become the voyeur room as many couple like to participate in oral play while the porn is on. Like I said, its a great ice breaker. lol But it can get quite crowded later at night as many other areas fill up this area also will fill up.

My suggestion would be to put up good quality porn and not some of this late 70's or 80's stuff we have seen play in other clubs. It can get quite scary and a huge turnoff.  Have it with attractive couples and it doesnt have to be all hardcore 8 person gang bang, double penetration facial porn. lol That turns off quite a few of the ladies. 

Good forum posts and just our suggestions for whats its worth. 

Feb 10, 2017 10:47 PM (1+ Years)

It's not so much a club feature but a theme idea:

What about a CMnf event? Seems like a good combo w. the Nexxxt level area.

Tuxedo or suit & tie required for the men, maximum allowed for the ladies would be heels, g-string & jewelry.


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