Xperience4u Graffiti Party - Dallas

Sat, Oct 1, 2022 9:00 PM - 2:00 AM
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colette Club- Dallas
10821 Composite Drive
Dallas, TX 75220, USA
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SmokingAlcoholOn Premise
Allowed OutsideBYOBYes
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Xperience4U PRESENTS.....An Interactive Event

Come ready to get "tagged"! Who hasn't woken up in the morning not quite remembering what went on the night before? What if you met a hot couple, do you remember their names? Do have a way to contact them? Well a Graffiti Party solves this problem and you will have tons of fun in the process.

Click here for an explanation of the Xperience4u Graffiti Party!

WHAT TO WEAR: This is one of the simplest theme parties to dress for. Just wear a white t-shirt or tank top. Don’t wear anything that you wouldn't want ruined and avoid wearing a rippled shirt as those shirts are really hard to tag on. You can also wear body paint, pasties, or glow attire.

*Xperience4u will provide pens/markers & body paint pens so you can "tag" people.

Music will be low for people to socialize more from 9pm-10:30pm.

colette Dallas 
10821 Composite Dr Dallas, TX 75220
**Contact colette Dallas for club entry fees
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Single Males MUST have a date for this event!

Visit Xperience4u.com for all the information

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