Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, 2020

Thu, Jul 16, 2020 - Sun, Jul 19, 2020
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Sheraton North Houston
15700 John F. Kennedy Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77032, USA
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SmokingAlcoholOn Premise
Allowed OutsideCash/Credit BarNo
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Update: 05-25-2020-  Purgatory 2020 is still scheduled for the July dates.  

Purgatory Hotel Update: The host hotel is now sold out for all three nights. We will not be doing a secondary hotel this year. However there will be a stand by waiting list for availability. Please copy and cc email both addresses, k.patterson@sheratoniah.com, sung.kim@sheratoniah.com with your name and contact info to be put on the hotel waiting list. Order of waiting list is dictated by the date and time of email received. As a room cancels we will notify the first person on the waiting list and so forth.

If your situation has changed where you cannot attend Purgatory 2020 and you have already purchased pre sale tickets. Please look at your ticket receipt for options. Such as ticket transfer/sell to another couple and or using your ticket toward another event. Your ticket is valid for Purgatory 2021 and or you may use it for the upcoming two day NYE event. Once you decide on your option. Please email us at info@desirousparty.com so we can note it on your ticket receipt for future use. 

New to the DesirousPary.com site and or the Purgatory event? Curious as to what the event/guests are like? Please watch the attached video to see if the vibe is right for you. A full site/group descriptor is also posted on the main page of the DesirousParty site and or in the forum below. 

The three day iitnerary is posted below in the forum.  Few new changes this year in regards to booking Purgatory 2020. When you book your room, the link will show full price. However only one night will be charged to your c.c. You can cancel anytime prior to June 15, 2020 to get your 1 night deposit refunded. On June 16,2020, the final deposit will be charged and no refunds after that final payment. As we will be inside of 30 days prior to event. Our goal is to book out the entire hotel on all 3 nights. 

You do not have to be a member of DesirousParty.com to attend this event. Gentleman you must have a date to attend as couples and single females only . 

Event Information

DesirousParty.com presents the 15th Annual Purgatory: Heaven or Hell Weekend. 

Over 3 days and nights, pool parties by day, tantalizing theme parties by night, pre party mixers, after parties and more than 13 renowned DJs for the 15th annual.

Event Information:

It’s time to let the summer seduce you at DesirousParty.com’s Purgatory Heaven & Hell weekend. Houston will be the meeting ground for some of the hottest couples and single females from across the world. A mid-summer, high-energy, sexy event encompassing multiple parties over three days & nights.

Purgatory Weekend Amenities 

  • 400 plus rooms
  • Hotel Takeover Party Weekend- Friday/Saturday full hotel takeover. Thursday night, top 5 floors for Purgatory guests only and a full takeover if we book all the rooms. Lets do it!!!
  • Free Airport Shuttle from George Bush Airport (Intercontinental)
  • Featuring Dj's from across the U.S.- 
  • Thursday Pool Pre Party Mixer -2pm to 5pm
  • Thursday Night Theme- Heavenly White (Glow)- Heavenly House Ballroom and Purgatory Grand Ballroom
  • Friday Night Theme- Heavenly Dreams- Lingerie- Heavenly House Ballroom and Purgatory Grand Ballroom
  • Saturday Night Theme- Purgatory-Nymphs, Fairies, Angels, Devils, let your imagination go wild-Heavenly House Ballroom and Purgatory Grand Ballroom
  • Sexy Nationwide guest list
  • A 3 day Weekend that will tease your Imaginations
  • 3 night time themed events and three daytime pool parties- Sexy Miami Style-
  • Cash/Credit bars w/ discounted drink prices for Purgatory Hotel Guests all weekend long
  • Nether World Lounge Bar in Event Foyer- Great Mix n Mingle Location 
  • Adult Boutiques in Esplanade for Purgatory Guests
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DP Parties - Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020

Purgatory 2020 Dj's

DP Parties - Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020

itinerary for Purgatory 2020

DP Parties - Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020

Pre Sale for Purgatory 2020

DP Parties - Purgatory, Heaven or Hell, Weekend 2020
Drink Specials

This event will have cash/c.c. bars set up in all event areas.

********No outside beverages...will be allowed into the event areas for Purgatory 2020. Security will be taking a zero tolerance policy on allowing beverages this year. This is a state law regulated by TABC as the venue is required to keep outside alcohol out of the event areas as they are subject to lose their alcohol licenese. Please respect the venue and the DesirousParty experience as we wish to continue to host infamous events at these upscale venues. *****

 We have also negotiated cheaper drink prices at the venue cash/c.c./room charge bars which is superb over a three day event. 

Reserved table bottle service will be available at the night time events. To request a reserved table please email info@desirousparty.com

Dress Code
  • Thursday night- Heavenly White (Glow)- all neon colors are perfectly fine, just glow
  • Friday Night - Heavenly Dreams- Lingerie- 
  • Saturday NightPurgatory-Main Event- Nymphs, Fairies, Angels, Devils, let your imagination go wild as Purgatory is your own interpretation. So you could dress from the 1800's or any time period and twist it with a Purgatory feel.  
Featured DJs and Professionals


Houston, Texas


Houston, Texas

Lavelle Dupree

San Diego, California


San Diego, CA


Dallas, Texas

Scotty Boy

Las Vegas, Nevada

TexaCali Studios

Houston , Texas


Fort Worth , Texas

Main Event

Houston, TX

Dj's are listed in no particular order. Signed thus far for Purgatory 2020

ScottyBoy    Drums of the Sun    Scooter/Lavelle   Bryan Lubliner   Mikedrop   Moe Green   Yokai

one8seven  Faucon  Re Va'  Dj M.E. Jason Whitmore (saxophonists) deviant designs (laserists)

Purgatory Grand Ballroom

Music genre will be top 40, old school mixes, popular hip hop (not rap), dance remixes. 

Heavenly House Ballroom

EDM, house, trap, techno, dance remixes.

Pool Parties

A mixture of all the music genres mentioned above in the two ballrooms. 

Please note: No song requests are accepted on Purgatory weekend. Requests make it virtually impossible to build the energy and its like selecting songs from a juke box as its all over the place. We want to give everyone a great experience, ambiance and vibe. At night you will have two ballrooms with different music genres to pick from. Thank you for understanding and the dj will watch the dance floor and audience to make sure that people are dancing either on the dance floor or where they stand as the party progresses. 

Customer Support
Answered by DesirousParty Staff. For questions regarding this event. you may CALL OR TEXT us at 832-640-7604.
Available 7 days a week, 9am-9pm Central Time Zone

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