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Pink Diamond NYE Affair Club Layout for a Pink Diamond Affair

Dec 22, 2010 9:26 PM (12+ Years)
The club has added additional intelligent dance lighting on the 2nd level VIP floor in the last week. So now no matter where you are in the club you will have a unique party atmosphere. Plus being on the VIP floor you will have the chance to see the full effect of the balloon drop as it will be stretched across the atrium. So that will have a nice visual effect prior to the midnight balloon drop with all the dance lighting beaming through hundreds of pink balloons.
Dec 13, 2010 7:18 PM (12+ Years)

With over 18,000 sq ft covering two party levels. Walking in for the first time it is always good to know where everything is located. It saves lots of confusion and gives you a idea of where you want to be at. So we are giving you a description of the club as we are doing things differently and have added a entire new look and feel with decorations, new top rated dance lighting and repositioning the Dj's for this event as well. So check it out as we are going all out for this event. Something for everyone as you enjoy a NYE unlike any other.

1.Dinner/Lounge room- this is the first room you enter upon walking into the club. We will have table seating, a dance stage (with new dance lighting),multiple tv's to see the party action as it will be shown live on these screens. There will be several reserved bottle service tables in this area. As you will be directly behind the Dj's with a great view of all the party action in the main room. This will be the area where you can feel like you are in a lounge club atmosphere. If you want to get away from the action, sit n talk,mix n mingle or perhaps hit the stage for a more laid back atmosphere. This is the place to do it. Your gourmet dinner and breakfast buffets will be served in this room. However you can take your dinner and breakfast to any area of the club. At 1130pm we will also hold our raffle for the door prizes in this room. Plus you can also buy cigars in the front roomto smoke on the outdoor patio.

2. Main Room- this is the area where the Dj's will be playing. There will be 7 reserved bottle service tables in the main room and this will be all the seating in the main room. As we want to save room for everyone who is dancing and enjoying the huge balloon drop at midnight. This area has a high energy club atmosphere that you would find in Las Vegas, Miami, New York etc.. There are two raised dance stages and a dance floor. The Dj's will be set up on the secondary stage which has two dance cages on each side of it. Brand new dance lighting, lasers and cannon foggers have been installed.  Giving it a high energy light show with brand new massive bass speakers pulsating against your body. The main bar is also located in this area. The main stage has a LED neon multicolor dance pole that will be open to all female party guests. So you can groove and move to the beats above the crowd right in front of the Dj's. So all eyes are on you! Shot girls will be flowing throughout the crowd. Plus you will be able to look up through the atrium to see the huge pink balloon drop that will come cascading down at midnight on top of the main room party crowd. 

3.Sports Room- we will have all the Las Vegas casino games set up in this area. We will also have seating in this area plus a beer well as well. Multiple flat screens will be on showing the party action throughout the club. Everyone will get special Dp NYE party cash that they can use for the casino games. This is another great area to mix n mingle and people watch as they move between both party floors.

4. VIP 2nd floor- This area will be set up like a couples club. There will be intimate group couch seating along with small tables for individual seating as well. The VIP bar is located here plus a second beer well as well. We will also have a conversation piece (bed) set up on the VIP dance floor with brand new dance lighting moving in sync to the beats. There will also be a large 20x20ft wall screen showing all the downstairs main stage activity. RickStar Photography will have his NYE glamour studio set up to take your NYE pictures.

All drinks are discounted below normal club prices for this event. You do not have to be a member of DesirousParty nor do you have to rsvp to attend. Its just a great way to let others know you will be there.

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